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Technical Requirements, Help and Tips for using Cartography Associate's browser and JVA clients

Luna Insight Browser System Requirements:
Supported Platforms: PC, Macintosh
V iew current requirements
The Insight browser works in all versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.7 and earlier. A Netscape 7+ compatibility available early 2003.

Important Note to AOL & CompuServe Users:
Luna's Insight is not supported in the AOL v7.0+ internal browser. It is not supported in earlier versions of AOL or CompuServe's internal browser. To view in AOL 6 or earlier, or in CompuServe, open either Netscape or Explorer (v view requirements) while signed on, go to, and click on View Collection with Insight® Browser.

Help Using the Luna Insight Browser Client
Insight® Browser Online Help (available in your default web browser) - The Insight Online help provides an overview of the major features of the Browser version of Insight®, and opens in your default web browser.

Luna Insight JVA Client Requirements
Supported Platforms: PC, Macintosh
View current requirements

Help Using the Luna Insight JVA Client
Insight® JVA Online Help (available in your default web browser) - The Insight Online help provides an overview of the major features of Insight®, and opens in your default web browser. This is the same help page that is available within the Insight® software.

Insight® JVA Guided Flash Tutorial - Provides a guided tour of how to use Insight's major features and functions.

Insight® JVA User Guide (PDF format 2.75MB - requires Adobe Acrobat reader) - Provides an overview of the major features of Insight® in a printable and searchable PDF document.

Some tips on using the Luna Insight Browser and JVA Client:
1. Click once on a thumbnail image, then click on data on the left menu to display the catalog record
2. Click twice on a image to open a new window with an enlarged version and zooming tools scroll over the various tools to see function labels
3. At the bottom of the thumbnail window you will see arrows to advance the page forward and back, with a new group of thumbnails
4. In the java client, click once on several images, then holding down the shift key, double click on any one image and all images will open in the image workspace
5. To move between the group workspace and the image workspace, click on the curved arrow at the bottom of the toolbar in the image workspace, and on return (java client) or wrkspc (browser version)
6. It will help to put the windows taskbar on Auto hide start/settings/taskbar & start menu& then check Auto hide
7. The Help files are extensive please read them, the software has many features that are explained there, include a tutorial for the java client. Access Help from the left side menu bar in both the java client and the browser.

Network Installation Issues
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery reported problems with installing the Insight Java client using Microsoft's NetInstall.
PDF of test report

Technical Assistance

Cartography Associates Technical Assistance for Insight Clients provided by Luna Imaging
Phone: +1 800 452 LUNA

Cartography Associates Assistance with the AMICO Library
Phone: +1 415 386 1749

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