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The AMICO Library

Contributing to the Library

    Each AMICO Member makes an annual contribution to The AMICO Library. Contribution targets have been set at 500 works per institution.

    Growth of The AMICO Library
    Annual Member Contributions from 1998 to 2001

    Contribution Management System
    AMICO has developed a series of tools for contributing, validating and updating records in The AMICO Library. You can log into this system at

    Contact AMICO <> if you need an individual user name for this system.

Guidelines for Contributing to The AMICO Library

Please see the data specification for format guidelines on how to make your contribution. There are also instructions online for formatting records and submitting files.

There are aslo samples of Common Cataloging Problems & how to deal with them in The AMICO Library.

Review Questions and Answers about the AMICO Contribution Workflow process.

Sample Records

Interested in seeing what records in The AMICO Library look like. As well as viewing them through the RLG interface, and on the Public Web site, we've created some Sample Records that show the same content in different formats.


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