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AMICO's committees Editorial Rights Technical Users & Uses Executive Committee Board Project Teams

Working Committees

Editorial Committee -- Tasked with standardizing the presentation of information in The AMICO Library including creating a functional object type list, providing date parsing rules, and other uniform designations to merge Member contributions into a cohesive whole.

Rights Committee -- Tasked with defining AMICO's licensing frameworks, determining citation standards, creating guidelines for moral rights and an artist license, and other issues surrounding the rights and reproduction dimension of The AMICO Library.

Technical Operations Committee -- Tasked with defining standards for the collection and distribution of The AMICO Library.

Users and Uses Committee -- Tasked with identifying audiences for The AMICO Library and articulating their needs.

How do I join a Committee? Email AMICO and request to get signed up.

Project Teams
Communication and coordination are essential in any collaboration. To aid your AMICO participation, it is recommended that you establish an internal AMICO team that meets perhaps three times a year.

The AMICO team would ideally comprise representatives from the following departments:

Information Technology
Photo Studio
Rights & Reproductions
The Library

See your team and other Members' Teams.

Benefits to AMICO Team Members include:

  • Registrars can streamline Rights and Reproductions for educational uses
  • Educators get access image from other collections and share their interpretive programs with students across the country or around the globe
  • Curators have in-depth contact to detailed collections documentation from other museums
  • Your Librarian can use The AMICO Library as a public reference tool
  • Your Systems IT staff will connect with the best in the business and develop strategies and solutions with peers Joining AMICO
There are also working committees for each of AMICO's projects.

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