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AMICO Board Meeting
Thursday, February 21, 2002
Philadelphia Museum of Art

located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
(enter museum thru the West Entrance)

Deirdre Noland, PMA Planner, will greet Members at the door/security desk, help them get their ID badges, and direct them to the Committee Room.

In case of emergency during the meeting, please contact Deirdre at 215-684-7315.

Drinks and 'snack' will be available.

Item Action
1. Call to Order and Review of Agenda (Sachs)  
2. Minutes from Last Meeting (Broun)      
    Attachment:     Draft Minutes of Meeting January 26, 2001  Approve Minutes
3. Financial Issues  
  Treasurer’s Report (Anderson)  
    Attachments: FY 2000/2001 Audited Financial Statement Approve Statement
        Budget Report: 2001/2002 Year to Date and Preliminary FY 2002/2003 Budget    
4. Update on Activities (Trant)  
    Attachment:   Year 2001 Achievements  
      Newsletter & Communication Activities  
  VAGA Agreement  
    Attachment:   VAGA Agreement Highlights  
5. Membership & Library Development (Trant)  
  Membership Dues       
    Attachment:   Membership Dues Proposal    Approve Strategy
  Membership Development  
    Attachments: Membership Growth & Library Contribution Schedule   Confirm Deadlines
    Chart:  Library Contributions by Year by Member   Encourage Contributions
    Chart:  Rich Records in The AMICO Library     
6. AMICO Library Use (Bearman)  
  AMICO Library Delivery by Multiple Distributors  
    Attachments:  VTLS, H.W. Wilson, SCRAN  
  Subscriptions and User Statistics  
    Attachments: Subscriber Update  
      Consortial Agreement with Nylink  
    Charts: RLG Statistics  
      AMICO Public Catalog & Web site Statistics  
7. Governance (Sachs)  
  Composition of the Board    Adopt Strategy
    Attachment:  AMICO Bylaws with Proposed Amendments     Approve Changes
  Slate of Officers for 2002-04  
    Attachment:  Proposed Slate of Officers & Biographies  Vote Slate
8. Management of AMICO (Anderson)  
  Executive Director Search  
  Transition Strategy  
       Attachment:  RFP to Universities  Approve Strategy
9. Forward Schedule (Trant)  
  AMICO Members Meeting and Next Board Meeting  
    Attachment: AMICO's Forward Schedule  
10. Other Business  
11. Adjournment  

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