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AMICO Board Meeting

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Robarts Library, University of Toronto
130 St. George Street

AMICO Offices, 7th Floor
Meeting held in Chief Librarian's Conference Room, 2nd Floor

Logistics: (A boxed lunch will be served.) If you wish to visit AMICO’s offices before the meeting, we are on the 7th floor. Not all elevators service all floors of Robarts. Use elevator from the second floor. Turn to the right once you are through the barrier, rather than going up the escalator, and take the left hand elevator.

Background Materials

Distributed prior to the Meeting.

  • Briefing Package (PDF)
  • Member and User Services Draft Plan (PDF)


1. Call to Order and Review of Agenda (Broun)

2. Minutes from Last Meeting (Reid)

Attachment: Draft Minutes of Meeting of May 30, 2002
ACTION: Approve Minutes

3. Financial Issues (Anderson)

  • Treasurer’s Report

Attachments: Budget Report: 2002/2003 Year to Date
Revised Operating Budget
ACTION: Approve Revised Budget

  • Membership Dues

Attachment: Membership Dues Rebates 2003
ACTION:Adopt Strategy

4. AMICO Library Development (Trant / Bearman)

  • AMICO Library 2002

Attachment: Contribution Statistics 2002

  • AMICO Library 2003 :

Attachment: Contribution Schedule
ACTION Approve Schedule

5. Distribution Update (Trant / Bearman)

  • Distributor Update
  • Subscription Update

Attachment: Current Subscribers and Distributors

  • Subscribers through Multiple Distributors

Attachment: Proposal for reduced fee structure
ACTION:Approve Strategy

6. Management of AMICO (Trant / Steiner)

  • Update on Relocation

    Attachment: Summary of Agreement with University of Toronto

  • Advisory Committee (All)

    Attachment: Proposed Members
    ACTION:Recommend Members

  • Staffing

Attachment: Curriculum Vitae: Sayre and Wetterlund

7. Member and User Services (Sayre / Wetterlund)

Attachment: Member and User Services Plan
ACTION: Approve Plan

8. Other Organizations (All)

  • Round table update on activities of related initiatives

9. Forward Schedule

AMICO Next Board Meeting and Members Meeting
ACTION: Approve Schedule

10. Other Business

11. Adjournment

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