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AMICO Board Meeting
January 27, 1998

Mirimar Sheraton
Wilshire IV
Los Angeles, California

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Followed by dinner

Chair: Harry S. Parker III
Members: Directors of the twenty-three Founding Members of AMICO
Staff: David Bearman, Mimi Gaudieri, Jennifer Trant
Goal: To formalize membership in AMICO, review the 5 year plan, and approve activities in 1998


    1. Status Report
      - Overview of Activities to Date

    2. Five Year Plan
      - Summary of AMICO's Plans

    3. Finances
      - Review of budgets and funding requirements
      - Fundraising and fallback positions

    4. Formalizing AMICO's Organization
      - Introduction and timetable for review/signature of
        - Membership Agreement
        - By-laws

      - Executive Committee

    5. Licenses
      - Introduction and timetable for review/signature of
        - License To AMICO
        - License To Universities
        - License To Museums

    6. 1998 Plans: University Testbed Project (1998-1999)
      - Review of timeline, players and commitments
      - Data coalition, processing and distribution

    7. Future Activities

    8. Other Business

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