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AMICO Editorial Committee

AMICO Editorial Committee Meeting
Metropolitan Museum of Art
July 28, 1999

Present: Susan Chun, MMA (chair), Helen Abbot (ASIA), Kay Bearman (MMA), Suzanne Quigley (WMAA), Mary DelMonico (WMAA), Julie Sheen (TFC); J. Trant, D. Bearman (AMICO),

Summary of Discussions

Object Type (OTY)

  • Add approved list of Object Types to Data Dictionary, and post these to the Editorial Committee List
  • OTY does not repeat
  • Move all other terms to CLT
  • Terms to be applied to new contributions of the Library, and report on results)
  • Question -- what is the TMS equivalent for each of these fields? (we should consider publishing maps for all CMS systems)

Editorial Committee Membership

  • Do all members need to be represented? No as long as discussions reported. As with all AMICO Committees, participation is optional, but members must abide by working committee decisions.
  • Report the decisions of the Editorial Committee to the full list as conclusions.
  • Encourage participation by those who wish to be represented


Artists Name Authority

  • All artists names compared to ULAN and ARS
  • Moved culture terms to CRC
  • 1/3 of remaining names (8700) were not easily matched to either list
  • of this 1/3 about 5000 are new forms of names not in ULAN
  • of this 1.3 about 2500 need human intervention -- checking names and identities
  • some ULAN records need to be split into two people
  • some need further research to make sure that it really IS the same person
  • need to have a person/team responsible for verifying these
  • Import of museum authority files (GEH as first test) biographies for photographers represented in AMICO member institutions
  • MMA to also give AMICO full authority file
  • Continue to work through the members -- return the others
  • Can see results in the "pick lists" in RLG and in the pull-down menus on the public web site (this shows the most frequently used name) -- 8700 to 6300 occurrences
  • Followers and schools have stayed distinguished

Indexing of the names with prefixes (de Kooning as filed under D or K)

Access Points

  • Need to be able to find multi-cultural works
  • Biographical data should include nationality
  • Need male/female (gender is there)
  • Need Ethnicity? (political issues!)
  • Consider enhancing these areas of indexing as we build the authority file.

Field Cleanup Priorities

  • Concentrate on access points
  • Typographical cleanup has been done -- capitalization of data, punctuation
  • Diacritics that are being used as a work-around in MMA can be shared
  • Date Indexing
  • Implement the chart as proposed
  • Limit by artist birth dates and death dates
  • Agreed on a series of indexing rules based on the actual occurrences of circa when this is used in the institutions
  • Need to review existing records still to see if circa 1648 means something different than circa 400 BC
  • Culture -- moved to CRC from CRN
    • Assignment of culture when Nationality was present
    • About 26000 works where cultures are assigned
    • How many unique values?
    • Includes dynasties, tribes -- hierarchy is present
    • Populated upwardly but not yet distributed
    • Needs a change in the data dictionary to include the hierarchical references
  • Style and Period Terms
    • Not generally part of museum practice to create it
    • Add to the Creator group a style/period term so that we could impute the style of a work?
    • Include schools (Ashcan) and followers
    • Is this an interim strategy until we can apply the S/P terms to the works themselves? (YES)
  • French/English Equivalency
    • Preliminary mapping on the Object type field -- have equivalencies for the short list
  • Media and Support
    • parsing so far doesn't show us much payback that is much greater than the keyword search
  • Measurements
  • OMD parsed into various dimensions
  • Need parsed data to support the comparison of works by size



  • Need format to reference works in AMICO Library
  • Brief Citation - known artist

Artists name (Nationality, Creator Date Text)

Object Title, Object date

Medium and Support (display), Display dimensions

Museum Contributor, Credit Line, Accession Number, Copyright Statement (if applicable)

  • Brief Citation - no individual artist known

Object Title or Name (Culture/Style/Period, creation date)

Medium, Display Dimensions

Museum Contributor, Credit Line, Accession Number, Copyright Statement (if applicable)

  • Works with Multiple Creators

Include roles

Need Examples and rules for additional works

If the Citation is to the related image, or multimedia then use the RWD or RDD field; NEED MORE EXAMPLES

Process for Data Cleanup Reporting

    • See above!

Two Rich Records Due to AMICO

    • MMA to include their curriculum, Whitney thinking about a video of the artist creating the Running Man


    • Need examples -- also report those things that don't work
    • USE the list to suggest these.

Online Art Journal - Report from Mary del Monico, WMAA

    • PMA (George Marcus), Getty, BM, Whitney, Print and electronic Journal
    • Connect to The AMICO Library, in some way
    • Object based journal
    • Distribution model -- free to AMICO members? -- to the Web? -- discussion?
    • Links to the journal in The AMICO Library -- hosted by AMN

Universal Digital Library -- Carnegie Mellon University

    • Interested in Capturing a million books in digital form
    • Would digitize museum publications as part of the project
    • Questions are about how the publications as digitized would behave and be linked to The AMICO Library
    • Pilot (10K or 1K)
    • NSF funding

à Models are the same, whether the discussion is of past publications or of new publications

à Need to explore the questions of functionality that should be associated with different kinds of data

à How does this relate to the Distributor Specification?


Authorship of records

  • Can be contributed now in the cataloged by field.

Need examples of how to document, cite and link multimedia and other documents.


  • Continue to facilitate interchange and discussion with users.
  • Report on Rich Records -- who have sent them and which ones there are?
  • Call for other example records (multiple artists, no artists, school of, related works)


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