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Goal: Standardize the presentation of information in The AMICO Library

Greg Tschann,
Art Institute of Chicago
Staff Contact
Executive Director
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TO DO (as of the AMICO Annual Meeting, June 2000)
Formalize Library
Submission Procedures

Develop Workflow Documentation
Review Vendor Certification

Develop Online Tools

Review AMICO Contribution Management System

Develop Guidelines
and Best Practices

Enhance AMICO Data Specification
Create sample records and examples
Define Multimedia metadata
Develop Artists Reference File

Apply Guidelines
to AMICO Library
Object Type / Classification Term
Date Indexing
Creator Information
Develop Library Content
Requests from Users
Textbook Survey
Antenna Audio
Library Growth: Tracking Library Requests
Contribution Download
What data do you want back from AMICO?

Work done to date
Report of Data Cleanup Process - Sept 3, 1999
Report of AMICO Library Interns - Summer 2000


Guidelines for formatting AMICO Library Contributions.

Data Specification

Full Data Specification (HTML) includes
  • Record Specification
  • Related Image and Multimedia Files Specification
  • Catalog Record Data Dictionary
  • Media Metadata Data Dictionary
  • AMICO Data Dictionary, Aphabetical List of Tags

Cataloging Guidelines

Best practices for recording information, organized by Data Dictionary category:

Object Type

Classification Term

  • Define relationships between Object Type and Classification Term.
  • Match Classification terms with AAT and record match in Classification Term Source (CLS)

Date Indexing

  • Date indexing rules now implemented at AMICO in Contribution Management System, and used in data validation.
    Action: Examine parsed data and report any systematic parsing routine errors
  • Check indexing of Circa: Review circa date when supplied to determine actual range when given in records
    Action: AMICO to produce list for review
  • Check indexing against artists life dates (not earlier than birth nor later than death dates)
    Action: AMICO to enhance indexing program


  • Move places and dates to correct fields (Creator Active Place CAP and Creator Dates and Places Text CDT)
    Action: In progress
    @ AMICO
  • Creator name, move"copy after" and attributed to to Creator Qualifier (CRQ)
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Move name qualifiers now in CRN to creator qualifier field
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Index Creator Culture using AAT
    Action: Review Process

Artists Reference File

Create a tool to assist in managing information about creators throughout The AMICO Library, and to assist users in searching for works by creator.
  • Develop specification
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Match Artists Names in Catalog Records with Names in Artists Reference File
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Write ID of Artists Reference File Record to Catalog Record
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Define guidelines for Member submission of Artists Reference File Records
  • Investigate assignment of Style and Period terms to artists
  • Define data matching requirements to compare record values ULAN
    Action: In progress @ AMICO
  • Compare Creator Place information with TGN

Sample Records and Examples

Models to review to see how to apply guidelines.

  • Develop Sample Records in PDF Format
  • Enhance Sample Records Online
    Action: review for release on Public Web Site.
  • Cataloging Examples includes works multiple creators, and other kinds of common complexities
    Action: In development, send your suggestions to the Editorial Committee List
  • Incorporate"Good Practices for Art Documentation" in revised Data Dictionary
    Action: In progress @ AMICO

Multi-media metadata

Descriptions of rich data contributed to AMICO.

  • Identify examples
  • Draft Guidelines
  • Revise Data Dictionary

Subject Indexing

Systems in use by Members include:


AMICO Library Content

  • Requests from Users
    Want List
    from Princeton University, February 2000.
    Action: Check to see what works from your collection are on this list, and plan to include these works.
    Want List from University of Alberta, December 1998.
    Action: Check to see what works from your collection are on this list, and plan to include these works.
  • Textbook Survey: Art history canon: a survey of art history textbooks
    Action: Check to see what works from your collection are in these books, and plan to include them. Lists have been sent to all Principal Contacts.
  • Antenna Audio
    Action: Check to see what works from your collection have Antenna Audio Available, and plan to include them.
  • Review the content of existing "rich" data and propose areas in which existing content might be suited for in-depth uses
  • Library Growth: Tracking Library Requests
    Action: Use this chart to help track how many requests have been made and how many have been satisfied by your museum.



Related Resources

Links to help with creating AMICO Library Descriptions:


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