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AMICO Editorial Committee: Textbook Survey

Representation of the art history canon in The AMICO Library

At the June 2000 annual meeting, Peter Walsh presented his report, A Preliminary Study of the Content of The AMICO Library with Recommendations for Future Development (download pdf). He identified unmet expectations of users looking at The AMICO Library as a source for works of art published in major art history textbooks. There was consensus at the meeting that all member institutions should make a priority of contributing those works in their collections that are reproduced in art history textbooks and used for class teaching.

Academic Image Cooperative

To facilitate this process, AMICO staff and interns prepared a table of works included in the Academic Image Cooperative with references to works inthe collection of AMICO members and their presence in The AMICO Library. This table was sent to members on July 10th.

Textbook Illustrations

The AMICO interns have also surveyed the works reproduced in the following major art history textbooks:

  • Art: A World History. 1st ed., 1997.
  • Janson, H.W., and Anthony F. Janson. History of Art. 5th ed., 1997.
  • Kostof, Spiro. A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals. 2nd ed., 1995
  • Newhall, Beaumont. The History of Photography. 5th ed., 1997.
  • Silver, Larry. Art in History. 1st ed., 1993.
  • Stokstad, Marilyn. Art History. 1st ed., 1995.
  • Tansey, Richard G., and Fred S. Kleiner. Gardner's Art Through the Ages. 10th ed., 1996.

These lists were sent to members on August 17, 2000. Please contact AMICO if you need another copy of your list.

Next Steps

We have received the following suggestions of textbooks to add to the project:

  • Arnason, H. H., and Marla F. Prather. History Of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography. 4th ed., 1998.
  • Fineberg, Jonathan. Art Since 1940. 2nd ed., 2000.
  • Harper, John Russell, Painting in Canada: a history. 2nd. ed., 1977 (French and English versions available).
  • Hartt, Frederick N. Art : A History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture. 1993.
  • Lee, Sherman E. History of Far Eastern Art. 1994.
  • Mason, Penelope. History of Japanese Art. 1993.
  • Reid, Dennis, A Concise history of Canadian Painting, 1988.
  • Sullivan, Michael. The Arts of China. 4th ed., 1999.
  • Wilkins, David G., Bernard Schultz, and Katheryn M. Linduff. Art Past, Art Present, 3rd ed., 1997.
If you have an intern who is interested in working on this project, please contact us. We will provide a template that will facilitate merging of their work with the survey to date. Please email suggestions or comments for additional books to survey.

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