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AMICO Executive Committee

Art Museum Information Consortium (AMICO)
Archives & Museum Informatics:
Activities Report
April 1999


At the end of April, as called for in our schedules, AMICO shipped to the Research Libraries Group documentation of over 50,000 works of art and associated images. Some works remain to be shipped. The 1999-2000 Library, projected to be "more than 40,000" works is most likely to be 54,000-55,000.

AMICO reached agreement with California Digital Library to allow them to develop an application, but not yet for full delivery, of The AMICO Library.

Detailed Reports:


AMICO acquired large tape drives an backup tapes giving it the capability to store almost 500 gigabytes of data in April. With that we were able to compile and ship The AMICO Library for 1999-2000 which, as collected and processed by the end of April consisted of:

AMICO Library statistics - Year 1 Library (1999-2000)

As of 5/7/99 - Subject to change (growth)
catalog 53976
meta 55379
images 55379
total size (catalog and images):
188,433,306,324 bytes


Object types (Rounded to 50)  
Architectural/Archeological 500
Book or scroll 750
Ceramic 1250
Drawing 7750
Furniture/furnishings 1450
Metalwork 450
Miscellaneous 450
Painting 8800
Photograph 20400
Print 8900
Sculpture 3300
Textile 700

Archiving and On-line Access to Large Images

In April, AMICO began discussions with the "Universal Library" a project at Carnegie Mellon University, to serve as AMICO's data archive and a delivery service for large images, and to explore ways to fund members' digitization of their museum publications.


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