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AMICO Executive Committee

AMICO Executive Committee Meeting
June 4, 1998
Massachusetts Room
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Worcester MA
7:00 am. - 9:00 am.

Followed by the AMICO Board Meeting, 12:00-2:00 pm.

Chair: Harry S. Parker III

Members: Maxwell Anderson, Robert Bergman, Hugh Davies,

Vishakha Desai, Malcolm Rogers, Shirley Thomson

Staff: David Bearman, Mimi Gaudieri, Jennifer Trant



1. Minutes of Last Meeting

2. Legal Issues

    • Incorporation of AMICO
    • License Agreements
    • Membership Agreement
    • Officers for 1998/99

2. Financial Issues

    • Review of FY97/8 Budget Status
    • Report from Development Committee on Financing AMICO
    • FY99 Budget

3 Membership

    • Expanding Membership
    • Method for Election of New Members
    • Plan for additional recruitment, if necessary

4. Operations

    • Staffing Plan: Position Description, Recruitment Plans, and Personnel Committee
    • Schedules for 1998/99 contributions

5. Strategic

    • Artists Rights
    • Federal Grant Applications
    • Expanded Member Services Plan for FY99
    • 1999 Subscription Targets and Plan for Meeting Them
    • Additional Membership Categories
    • Model Agreements
    • Enabling Museum Use

6. Board Meeting Agenda Review

7. Other Business


Legal Documents:

Membership Agreement

Museum License

University License

Budget fy98 Projected; fy99 Proposed

Alternative Spending Plan - in event of shortfall

Hiring Plan/Job Descriptions

Proposed Framework for NSF DLI proposal

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