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AMICO Executive Committee

Comparison of AMICO and MDLC

Goals Enable educational access to museum multimedia documentation Create, maintain and license a collective digital library Provide services to members to enable their participation Provide financial assistance for digitization Manage storage, distribution and licensing Develop and distribute technical and computer services
Status Has 23 Founding Members, announced programs, is building library; Major universities applied to participate in 1998 Planning phase to begin when funding is available
Governance Museum Directors comprise board Board now three private individuals; announced plans are to include AAM, museums and universities in some way
Organizational affiliation Operating program of the non-profit AAMD Educational Foundation Inc. Delaware incorporated non-profit, plan to have "special relationship with AAM"
Membership International. Membership open to non-profits ( museums, libraries, archives), with collections of art. No members yet. Two planning task forces announced. U.S. museums only
Membership requirements Members pay dues, receive access to library and AMICO services Not yet established
Content Art Any museum holdings
Product Rich, online, multimedia documentation of art, with links to other art historical resources. Initially aimed at collection in 19th century American History. CD content authoring implied.
Licenses Museums, Universities, Schools, Public Libraries Members receive license and access free. Not yet developed. "Favorable intra-museum licensing terms".
Income sources Licensing collective library, membership dues, seeking initial foundation support, ultimately self-sufficient Not yet established. Seeking on-going foundation support Plans commercial entity
Funding requirement $2.5M over five years $750,000 for planning phase. $10M over ten years.
Long-Term financial plans Self-sufficient within five years Unknown
Delivery Have contract with Research Libraries Group to develop at their cost and risk; others developers agreements under negotiation also at their expense. University of California, Berkeley and Cornell agreed to role if fully funded in large-scale systems development project

October 1997

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