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AMICO Executive Committee

Report from Michael Shapiro
General Counsel, AMICO

August 31, 1998

7501 Granada Drive
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
(301) 229-7029

Activities Report: August 1998

During August 1998, I continued to provide counseling in response to questions raised by various AMICO Members in connection with the signing of the AMICO Full Membership Agreement and the AMICO Museum Agreement. Working collaboratively with Jennifer Trant and David Bearman, and directly with counsel for several AMICO Members, we were able to provide answers to a broad range of questions and to resolve a number of significant legal issues. A similar process was followed in connection with questions raised by University Testbed Participants and university counsel in connection with the execution of AMICO University Agreements. While successfully meeting deadlines and contractual commitments, AMICO also laid the foundation for refining and improving the agreements in the future. I also drafted terms and conditions for a new "Limited Access and Use Privilege" which will allow prospective AMICO members and subscribers to "preview" The AMICO Library while ensuring that the rights of AMICO and its members are fully protected.

Michael S. Shapiro
AMICO General Counsel

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