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AMICO Rights Committee: VAGA Agreement

AMICO has signed an agreement with the The Visual Arts and Galleries Association (VAGA) to enable members to contribute VAGA works to The AMICO Library beginning with the 2002 Edition. Please see the press release for background.

The provisions and process are similar to the ARS Agreement, but are not identical. Please review the guidelines summarized below.

Note that the VAGA Agreement DOES NOT inlcude web site use by Members.

1. AMICO members may contribute any number of works whose copyright is represented by VAGA to The AMICO Library without prior rights clearance.

1.1 Identify VAGA artists in your collection

  • Review the list of Artists Represented by VAGA.

    Download the list of US artists included for the 2002 Library Year provided by VAGA
    - (VAGAartists.xls an Excel Spreadsheet)

    Download a list of Exceptions for the 2002 Library Year provided by VAGA
    - (VAGA.
    exceptions.doc a Word Document - November 9, 2001)

    VAGA also represents:

BUS - Sweden
RAO - Moscow
SODART - Canada
SOMAAP - Mexico
SPA - Portugal
VISARTA - Romania

ZAIKS - Poland

1.2 Identify the works under copyright by VAGA artists that you wish to include in The AMICO Library.

  • Identify works in copyright for which you wish AMICO to clear rights with VAGA by including the following Object Rights Statement in your AMICO Library catalog record submission:
  • Object Rights Group (ORG)  
    Object Rights Statement (ORS) Copyright VAGA, New York, NY
    Object Rights Link (ORL)

    In the data transferred to AMICO this would appear as:

    ORSCopyright VAGA, New York, NY}~

This may be modified to include a copyright statement for a particular artist or estate. For example,

    Object Rights Group (ORG)  
    Object Rights Statement (ORS) Copyright Estate of Stuart Davis/ Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
    Object Rights Link (ORL)
  • Only include works in copyright - not those in the public domain.
  • We strongly encourage the inclusion of rights statements in your preliminary contribution list, due October 15.
  • The VAGA Rights Statement must be in your final data submission - due March 1.
  • Note the exceptions to the standard rights statement, in the file provided by VAGA:
    - (VAGA.
    exceptions.doc a Word Document - November 9, 2001)

2. AMICO Reports to VAGA

  • Based on the information provided by members, AMICO provides VAGA with a list of works that will be included in The AMICO Library each year. These are the works that are licensed for the coming AMICO Library Year.

3. AMICO Pays a Royalty to VAGA

  • AMICO pays VAGA a royalty based on the number of works contributed to The AMICO Library.
  • Identifying VAGA works in your preliminary list of contributions (due October 1) is VERY important to AMICO as it assists in our planning and helps in our negotiation.

4. VAGA provides AMICO with Copyright Statements

  • Based on the list supplied by AMICO, VAGA provides copyright statements for inclusion in The AMICO Library.
  • These are entered by AMICO into the Object Rights Statement (ORS) field of the Catalog Record, and may replace or update the statement provided by members.

5. The AMICO / VAGA agrement does not provide for Web use

  • Though Web use is not automatically granted, VAGA has agreed to provide AMICO Members a discount on fees for public web site use. Please be sure to ask for this when you make your request.

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