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AMICO Rights Committee: ARS Agreement
Updated for the 2003 Library Year

AMICO has extended our agreement with the Artists Rights Society (ARS) The provisions are summarized below:

Any questions about this agreement should be sent to the Rights Committee list, or to AMICO Please do not contact ARS about these works.

1. AMICO members may contribute any number of works whose copyright is represented by ARS to The AMICO Library without prior rights clearance. There is no resolution limit on images of ARS works submitted to The AMICO Library.

1.1 Identify ARS artists and estates in your collection

  • Download the lists of artists and estates represented by ARS covered for the 2003 Library Year :
    - Artists A-J (.XLS - an Excel file to download)

    - Artists K-R (.XLS - an Excel file to download)
    - Artists S-Z (.XLS - an Excel file to download)

    - ARS list of copyright statements (.DOC - a Microsoft Word document to download)

1.2 Identify the works in copyright by ARS artists and estates that you wish to include in The AMICO Library.

  • Only include works in copyright - not those in the public domain.

    Note that ARS and AMICO have an agreement about how to handle works by American artists produced in the 20th century when many different copyright laws apply. American artists listed on Schedule B should be considered as represented by ARS for the purposes of this agreement.
  • You must include the following Object Rights Statement in each catalog record if wish AMICO to clear rights with ARS:
    Object Rights Group (ORG)  
    Object Rights Statement (ORS) Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
    Object Rights Link (ORL)

    In the data transferred to AMICO this would appear as:

    ORSArtists Rights Society (ARS), New York}~

    You may a copyright statement for a particular artist or estate. For example,

    Object Rights Group (ORG)  
    Object Rights Statement (ORS) (c) Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
    Object Rights Link (ORL)

    The full copyright statement is not required. For your convenience we have provided the ARS list of copyright statements to download (.DOC - A Microsoft Word Document)

  • You must include a reference to ARS in your preliminary contribution list, due October 15 [extended to October 31, 2002 for this year only]
  • You must include the reference to ARS in your final data submission - due March 1.

2. AMICO Reports to ARS

  • After the submission deadline March 1 and based on the information provided by members, AMICO provides ARS with a list of works included in The AMICO Library. These are the works that are licensed for the coming AMICO Library year.

3. AMICO Pays a Royalty to ARS

  • AMICO pays ARS a royalty to ARS based on the number of ARS works in The AMICO Library. We budget for this based on Preliminary Lists submitted in October, but pay for them based on what is actually submitted. If you submit ARS works in March that were not on your October list, AMICO may not be able to license them.

4. ARS provides AMICO with Copyright Statements

  • Based on the list supplied by AMICO, ARS provides copyright statements for inclusion in The AMICO Library.
  • These are entered by AMICO into the Object Rights Statement (ORS) field of the Catalog Record, and replace the statement provided by members in their submissions.

5. US-based AMICO Members may use ARS Works from their collection and in The AMICO Library on their Web Sites

In addition to the use of high-resolution digital reproductions in The AMICO Library, US-Based AMICO Members may use ARS-represented works they have already contributed to The AMICO Library on their public web site, provided:

  • Maximum resolution for public web site use is 800 x 600 pixels and 96 dpi
  • Works may not be featured on your home page (without further permission from ARS)
  • Works may not be used as a 'clickable icon' that leads anywhere other than to a larger version of the Image without further permissions from ARS.
  • Some restrictions apply to public web site use - see Schedule A

  • Members MUST report Web Site use to AMICO; Email a list to AMICO. Watch for a form linked to the Members Web site.

  • Members MUST use the copyright statement provided by ARS for the work when using it on their Web site.

  • Linking to the ARS web site from the work is suggested but not required.

  • Unfortunately, ARS was not able to grant AMICO with rights for Canadian Members to use works on their Web Sites. We will be coordinating the best way to seek these rights with our Canadian Members.

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