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Goal: Define AMICO's Licensing Frameworks

Martha King
National Gallery of Canada
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TO DO (as of the AMICO Annual Meeting, June 2002)
Artists and Estates

implement the ARS agreement
implement the VAGA Agreement

develop agreements with Canadian Societies, other societies
develop a model AMICO artist's request and agreement
coordinate work with artists that are not represented by a society

Antenna Audio
develop agreements to use each others productions
University Agreement
Long Form
create mechanisms to facilitate reporting of local mounting and adaptations
Reproduction Request
implement online reproduction request form
Moral Rights and Adaptations
write Guidelines for Users
Copyright Developments
monitor other initiatives and developments

Work done to date


AMICO / ARS Agreement

AMICO / VAGA Agreement

Artists Rights Request Letter

  • January 2002 revision based on 2001 Members meeting and 2000 Draft
    Action: Use this revision as a model letter
  • Review Letters in use
    Action: send in your comments. If your letter isn't here, please email it to the list.
    • Art Gallery of Ontario's Rights Request (.PDF)
    • Albright-Knox Art Gallery's Rights Request (.PDF)
    • Cleveland Museum of Art's Rights Request (.PDF)
    • Center for Creative Photography Rights Request Letter (.PDF) and Form (.PDF)
    • Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Rights Request (.PDF)
    • Walker Art Center's Rights Request (.PDF)
  • Artists FAQ (PDF)
    Action: Review and comment. Send your thoughts to the Rights Committee List

Direct Approaches to Artists and Estates

Antenna Audio

AMICO has negotiated and agreement with Antenna Audio to enable members to include sound files in their AMICO Library contributions. See the procedure online. For works produced by a museum other than the one holding the work, there are some rights issues to resolve:
  • Members should be encouraged to grant each other rights to use Antenna Audio.
  • AMICO to draft agreement for Board members to sign.

User Guidelines

Common Reproduction Request Form

  • Develop common form to facilitate users' requests for further rights
    Action: Form Completed and Launched. Review results and send comments to the Rights Committee List

University Testbed Project



AMICO Library Agreements

  • AMICO Library University Agreement. June 1999 [.PDF]
  • AMICO Library Museum Agreement. June 1999 [.PDF]
  • AMICO Library University Agreement (Short Form). June 1999 [.PDF]
  • AMICO School Agreement. June 1999 [.PDF]
  • AMICO Public Library Agreement. June 1999 [.PDF]
  • AMICO Unaffiliated Scholar Agreement. June 1999 [.PDF]

  • Comparison of License Terms
    - outlines the terms of each AMICO agreement in a table so you can compare.

Draft Agreements are available for information only.


Other Organizations and their Rights Pages

Organization Resource
Artists Rights Society

Association of Research Libraries

A Copyright FAQ by The Arts and Humanities Data Service and the Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI) based in the U.K.

Association of Research Libraries Checklist for Drafting Electronic Information Policies
Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Web Page for Information Policy and Law Resources
CENDI CENDI Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright
CENDI is -- an interagency cooperative of scientific and technical information managers from 9 federal agencies and the national libraries
Proposal for Educational Fair Use of Digital Images

Cornell University Legal Information Institute

Intellectual Property Information Pages
European Copyright User Platform
RARIN (AAM Reproductions and Rights Information Network)


US Copyright Office

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