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AMICO Rights Committee

Common Reproduction Request Form


The Rights Committee is creating a common form for requesting permissions to reproduce works featured in the Public Thumbnail Catalog This form will be called by the "Rights Link" in the Thumbnail Catalog Record, and contain specific information about the work of art from which a rights link is launched. When submitted, it will forward the request to the appropriate Member representative.

The following steps outline the development of this form.

To Do:

Step One: Review Forms in Use (Target Date: Aug. 4, 2000 )

AMICO Member On-line Reproduction Request Forms:

Please send in your forms via fax (412-422-8594) or e-mail.

Step Two: Identify Recipients at all AMICO Institutions

Let us know by e-mail who should receive the online request form at your institution!

Step Three: Review Content of Forms in Use

View a Comparison of Forms

Step Four: Draft a Common Reproduction Request Form

Step Five: Send Draft to Rights Committee for Comment

Please send your feedback/comments by e-mail!

Step Six: Revision of Final Form

Step Seven: Prepare Text and Layout for Programming

Step Eight: Test Prototype

Step Nine: Make Final Changes to Implementation

Step Ten: Roll Out and Monitor Implementation.

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