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AMICO Technology Committee

AMICO Data Dictionary Map
September 1998

The AMICO Data Dictionary has been mapped to the following Content Standards, and Data Dictionaries.

CDWA = Categories for the Description of Works of Art

Dublin Core = Dublin Core Elements for Resource Discovery

REACH = RLG's Research into Accessing Cultural Heritage

MESL = Museum Educational Site Licensing Project

  TAG AMICO-FIELDS Core? Repeat ? CDWA Core? DUBLIN CORE REACH Email from K. Martinez MESL
Catalog Record Fields (One Record for each Work of Art)                  
  AID AMICO Identifier * N     DC.Identifier    
  OTY Object-Type * Y Object/Work-Type   DC.Resource.Type = "Physical Object" AMICO.type=OTY Type of Object Object Type/Object Class/Object Name
  OPP Object-Parts/Pieces   Y Object-Components       Parts/Pieces
  CLG Classification   Y          
  CLT Classification-Term   Y Classification *     Object Type Object Class/Object Name
  CLS Classification-Scheme   Y          
  OTG Object-Title/Name   Y          
  OTN Object-Title-Name * Y Title/Name * DC.Title }~ DC.Title.Alternative Object Name/Title Object Title/Caption
  OTT Title-Type   Y          
  OST State   Y State       Edition/State
  OEN Edition   Y Edition       Edition/State
  OPD Physical Description   N Physical Description   DC. Description   Description
  OPO Physical Orientation/Arrangement   N Orientation/Arrangement        
  MET Measurements-Text * Y   *   Dimensions Dimension/Extent-Quantity-Unit
  MEG Measurements   Y Measurements        
  MCM Measurement-Component-Measured   N Measurements-Dimension-Extent        
  MED Measurement-Dimension   N Measurements-Dimensions-Type        
  MDV Measurement-Dimension-Value   N Measurements-Dimension-Value        
  MDU Measurement-Dimension-Units   N Measurements-Dimensions-Unit        
  MEQ Measurement-Qualifier   Y Measurements-Dimensions-Qualifier        
  OMG Materials and Techniques   Y Materials-and-Techniques        
  OMD Materials and Techniques-Description * N Materials-and-Techniques-Description * DC. Description    
  OMT Materials and Techniques-Process/Technique-Term   Y Materials and Techinques - Processes or Tecniques - Name     Technique/Process Creation Technique/Method/Process
  OMM Materials and Techniques-Materials-Term   Y Materials and Techniques - Materials - Mame     Medium/Materials Material/Medium
  OMS Materials and Techniques-Support   Y Materials and Tecniques-Materials-Role when value="support"       Support
  OIN Inscriptions and/or Marks   Y Inscriptions/Marks       Marks/Inscriptions
  OCH Condition/Examination History   Y Condition/Examination History        
  OTH Treatment/Conservation History   Y Conservation/Treatment History        
  CRG Creator   Y Creation-Creator        
  CRQ Creator-Qualifier   N Creation-Creator-Qualifier        
  CRN Creator-Name *or CRC N Creation-Creator-Identify-Names * DC.Creator. Creator/Maker Creator/Maker Name
  CRC Creator-Culture/Nationality * or CRN N Creation-Creator-Identity-Nationality/Culture/Race *   Nationality/Culture of Creator/Maker Creator/Maker - Culture/Nationality
  CDT Creator-Dates/Locations-Text   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Dates/Locations *      
  CBD Creator-Birth-Date   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Birth        
  CBP Creator-Birth-Place   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Birth        
  CBQ Creator-Birth-Qualifier   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Birth        
  CDD Creator-Death-Date   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Death        
  CDP Creator-Death-Place   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Death        
  CDQ Creator-Death-Qualifier   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Death        
  CAD Creator-Active-Date   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Active        
  CAP Creator-Active-Place   Y Creation-Creator-Identity-Active        
  CGN Creator-Gender   N Creation-Creator-Identity-Gender        
  CRB Creator-Biography   N          
  CRR Creator-Role   Y Creation-Creator-Role       Creator/Maker- Role
  CNO Creator-Notes   N Creation-Creator-Remarks        
  OCG Creation-Dates   Y          
  OCT Creation-Date-Text * N Creation-Date * DC.Date.Creation Date of Creation/Date Range  
  OCS Creation-Date-Start   N         Creation Begin Date
  OCE Creation-Date-End   N         Creation End Date
  OCQ Creation-Date-Qualifier   N          
  OCP Creation-Place   Y Creation-Place *   Place of Origin/Discovery Creation-Place
  STG Style/Period   Y          
  STD Style/Period-Description   N Styles/Periods/Groups/Movements   DC. Coverage.temporal Style/Period/Group/Movement/School Concepts/Style-Period
  STT Style/Period-Terms   Y     DC. Coverage.temporal    
  SUG Subject Matter   Y Subject Matter        
  SUP Subject Matter-PreIconographic Description   N Subject Matter-Description * DC.Subject Subject Matter Concepts/Subjects
  SUI Subject Matter-Iconography   Y Subject Matter-Identification   DC. Coverage [if place] or DC. Subject    
  SUT Subject Matter-Index Terms   Y Subject Matter-Description-Indexing Terms & Subject Matter-Identification-Indexing Terms *      
  CXG Context   Y          
  CXD Context-Description   N Context       Associated Events, People, Organizations, Places
  CXP Context-Related-Person   Y Context-Historical/Cultural-Agent-Identity        
  CXS Context-Related Site/Place   Y Context Architectural or Context-Archaeological        
  CXT Context-Time Period/Dates   N          
  OCR Critical Responses   Y Critical-Responses        
  OEH Exhibition or Loan History   Y Exhibition-History        
  OOG Owner * Y          
  OON Owner Name * N Ownership & Current Location - Repository Name * DC. Publisher Current Owner and Current Repository Name Holding Institution
  OOP Owner-Place * Y Ownership-Place & Current Location - Geographic Location *   Current Repository Place  
  OOA Owner-Accession-Number] * Y Ownership-Owner's Numbers & Current Location - Repository Numbers *   Current Object ID Number Accession Number
  OOC Owner-Credit-Line * Y Ownership-Credit Line       Credit Line
  OPO Provenance/Prior Owners-Text   Y       Provenance  
  ORG Rights/Copyright   Y Copyright        
  ORS Copyright-Statement   N Copyright-Statement   DC. Rights    
  ORL Copyright-Link * N Copyright-Citation   DC. Rights    
  RWG Related Works of Art   Y Related-Works     Related Objects  
  RWD Related-Works-Description   N          
  RWR Related-Works-Relationship-Type   N     DC.Relation.Type    
  RWL Related-Works-Identifier/Link   N     DC.Relation.Identifier    
  RIG Related Images * Y          
  RIP Related-Image-Preferred * Y          
  RID Related-Image-Description * Y Related-Visual-References        
  RIR Related-Image-Relationship-Type * N     DC.Relation.Type    
  RIL Related-Image-Identifier/Link * N     DC.Relation.Identifier    
  RMG Related Multimedia   Y          
  RMD Related-Multimedia-Description   N          
  RMR Related-Multimedia-Relationship-Type   N     DC.Relation.Type    
  RML Related-Multimedia-Identifier/Link   N     DC.Relation.Identifier    
  RDG Related Documents   Y Related Textual References        
  RDD Related-Document-Description   N          
  RDR Related-Document-Relationship-Type   N     DC.Relation.Type    
  RDL Related-Document-Identifier/Link   N     DC.Relation.Identifier    
  DCH Documentation/Cataloguing-History   Y Cataloguing-History        
  DCB Documented/Cataloged By   Y Cataloging History - Cataloger Name & Cataloging History - Cataloger Institution        
  DCD Documented/Cataloged-Date   Y Cataloging History - Date        
  OLC Label Copy * Y         Label
  AVD AMICO-Validated-Date * N         Data Agreement Number
  AVV Validation-Dictionary-Version * N         Version Identification
Media Metadata Fields (One record for each related image or media file)                  
  XID DC.Resource.Identifier * N       DC.Resource.Identifier  
  XTI DC. Title   Y       DC. Title  
  XCN DC.Creator   Y       DC.Creator  
  XCP DC.Creator.PersonalName   Y       DC.Creator.PersonalName  
  XCC DC.Creator.CorporateName   Y       DC.Creator.CorporateName  
  XCR DC.Creator.Role   Y       DC.Creator.Role  
  XDE DC.Description * Y Related Visual Documentation-View     DC.Description  
  XPU DC.Publisher * N Related visual Documentation - Image Source     DC.Publisher  
  XDN DC.Contributor   Y       DC.Contributor  
  XDP DC.Contributor.PersonalName   Y Related Visual Documentation - Image Source-Name     DC.Contributor.PersonalName  
  XDC DC.Contributor.CorporateName   Y       DC.Contributor.CorporateName  
  XDR DC.Contributor.Role   Y       DC.Contributor.Role  
  XDA DC.Date   Y       DC.Date  
  XRT DC.ResourceType * N Related Visual Documentation - Image Type     DC.ResourceType  
  XAM AMICO.Mode * N          
  XFO DC.Format     Related Visual Documentation - Image Measurements     DC.Format  
  XFE AMICO.Format.Encoding * N       AMICO.Format.Encoding  
  XFP AMICO.Format.ColorPalette   N Related Visual Documentation - Color     AMICO.Format.ColorPalette  
  XCM AMICO.Format.ColorMetric   N       AMICO.Format.ColorMetric  
  XFD AMICO.Format.Dimensions * N Related Visual Documentation - Image - Measurements     AMICO.Format.Dimensions  
  XFF AMICO.Format.FileSize * N       AMICO.Format.FileSize  
  XFC AMICO.Format.Compression * N       AMICO.Format.Compression  
  XRE DC.Relation   Y       DC.Relation Electronic Location & Access
  XRY DC.Relation.Type * N       DC.Relation.Type  
  XRI DC.Relation.Identifier * N       DC.Relation.Identifier  
  XRS DC.Rights * Y Related Visual Documenation Copyright/Restrictions     DC.Rights  
  XMN AMICO.Media.Note   N          
Unmapped Fields                  
          Ownership-Transfer Mode   DC.Language Notes Accession Method

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