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AMICO Creation of Image Metadata Records

Each image contributed to The AMICO Library must be doucmented by a "metadata record" that tells us about the image file itself. To facilitate the creation of these records for institutions not tracking this information, AMICO has created a computer program that can 'extract' the core of the image metadata record from submitted TIFF files.

To create these records, AMICO must have in hand TIFF files for the images that will be part of your AMICO Library contribution, and the Catalog Records for the works depicted.

If you wish to have metadata records created for your submitted images, please contact AMICO when you submit your image files.

A. Data in the following fields will be abstracted from the images TIFF header and TIFF file data:

TAG Name
XID DC.Resource.Identifier
XFE AMICO.Format.Encoding
XFP AMICO.Format.ColorPalette
XCM AMICO.Format.ColorMetric
XFD AMICO.Format.Dimensions
XFS AMICO.Format.FileSize
XFC AMICO.Format.Compression
XRY DC.Relation.Type [IsFormatOf]
XRI DC.Relation.Identifier [AMICO Identifier of the Catalog Records where XID=RIL This is why we need to have validated Catalog records present in order for the routine to work.]

B. The metadata records created will have constant values that will appear in the following fields:

TAG Name Data Value
XDE DC.Description Full view
XPU DC.Publisher [AMICO Member Institution's Name]
XRT DC.Resource.Type reproduction
XAM AMICO.Mode image
XRS DC.Rights Copyright [Copyright AMICO Member Institution's Name]

C. Members MUST verify image metadata records.

All records created in this manner must be verified by the AMICO Member using the online editor.

AMICO cannot create some fields in a metadata record. Right now, we can do 'all or nothing'. So the default values supplied in each record may not be correct. Members must verify these, and use theOnline Editor to make required corrections.

The Copyright statement is the most problematic, as it will not be the same for all of your images. For example, contemporary works still under copyright may require a different copyright statement for the image. You may also want to add other fields, such as the DC.Creator (XCN) group of fields to document the creator of particular images.


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