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I. Deadlines

II. Planned Submission Lists

III. Full Submissions

IV. Text records (catalog and media metadata)

1. Record Format
2. File Submission
3. Text File Naming
4. AMICO can make image metadata

5. Making updates to catalog and metadata records
6. Withdrawing Catalog and Metadata Records

V. Image and Multimedia Files

1. Media File Naming
2. Submitting new or replacement files
3. Replacing, Adding or Withdrawing Media Files

VI. Data Validation

VII. Distribution Updates


By October 1 List of planned submissions to AMICO; Include as many required fields as possible. This can be in the AMICO Lite format.
By February 15 Core data for all works due to AMICO
By March 1 members make contribution to Library
May-June Data Enhancement at AMICO
In June Preview of new edition of AMICO Library available on and possibly through distributors
July 1 Next Release of Library to Subscribers


Each Member should submit a preliminary distaff the works they plan to contribute to The AMICO Library by October 1st of each year. These lists should be comprised of the core data for Catalog Records as defined in the AMICO Data Specification or the AMICO Lite Specification with the exception that the Related Image Group (RIG) is not required in this list.

If you are submitting works under an agreement between AMICO and a Rights Society Rights Committee Page you must include this reference in your preliminary list. This will help AMICO with planning and budgeting under these agreements.

Contribution lists should be submitted in the same manner as full submissions. Submitted record files will be validated in the Contribution Management System (showing errors that will need to be corrected for the final submission).

Contributions lists enable AMICO to budget and plan for work on the Creator Reference File. These lists are not distributed, and you may make changes to your contribution after submitting this list.


Documentation for a work of art in The AMICO Library follows the AMICO Data Specification (PDF) or the AMICO Lite Specification (online) and is comprised of:

    The Catalog Record contains documentation about a work of art. It must conform to the AMICO Data Dictionary (Public Site), and must contain a Related Image Group that references the image submitted. The AMICO identifier should be created by preceding your accession number (or other unique identifier for each work) with your institution's identifier.

  2. At least one IMAGE FILE, and any other multimedia or image files as desired
    Image and Multimedia files must conform to the Related Image and Multimedia Files specification (Public Site). This specifies a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 [width x height] at 72 dpi, and 24 bit color [with the aspect ratio of the work preserved.]

  3. A METADATA RECORD for each image or multimedia file
    Metadata records must conform to the AMICO Media Metadata Specification
IV. TEXT RECORDS [both Catalog and Media Metadata]

1. Record Format

The Catalog Record must conform to the AMICO Data Dictionary (Public Site), and must contain at least one Related Image Group that links the catalog record to the image submitted.

The AMICO Identifier (AID) is be created by preceding your accession number (or other unique identifier for each work) with your institution's prefix.

If you are unable to produce records following the AMICO Data Specification, you may alternatively use the AMICO Lite Specification.

2. File Submission

Catalog records and multimedia metadata records can be submitted in the same or different files, whichever is easier for you.

The Catalog Records and Media Metadata Records must be in a tagged, delimited format, as specified in the AMICO Data Specification (HTML). This defines a tagged delimited format, text files in the Latin-1 character set.

Submit your text files:

A. using the AMICO Contribution Management System


B. using ftp to:
user: amicola
pass: contact for the password

Change Directories until you are in the directory named for your institution -- it has the same 4 character prefix. Put your text files here. Put your image files below your institutional directory, in the subdirectory /images

Once all your files have been transferred, email <> to let us know they've arrived.

3. Text File Naming

- Begin each file name with your 4 character institutional prefix and a dot (period)
- Indicate how many records are in the file, and what type they are (if catalog and metadata records are separate)
- Put the mime-type extension on the end


The Contribution Management System cannot validate files if they do not conform to this specification.

If you submit multiple versions of a file, please do not use the same filename. Number your files with consecutive version numbers,e.g., We keep all files sent to AMICO and the Contribution Management System will not allow you to submit a file with a duplicate name.

If you submit AMICO-Lite files, please indicate this in your filename.

Example AGO_.458.lite.txt

4. AMICO Can Create Image Metadata

See AMICO Creation of Image Metadata Records if you cannot supply image metadata and would like AMICO to create metadata records for the image files you submit.

Email AMICO to request this service when you submit image files.

5. Making Updates to Catalog or Metadata Records

Corrections can by made to existing AMICO Library catalog or metadata records at any time.

1. Send a new record file

Single catalog or metadata record, or groups of records in The AMICO Library can be updated by submitting a new record file through the Contribution Management System.

You must submit the entire record, with the desired changes, following the instructions above.

A record with a duplicate AMICO IDENTIFIER (AID) field automatically overwrites the existing record in The AMICO Library.

2. Use the Online Editor
Single records can be created or updated using the online "Record Editing" forms at If you need a personal login for this system, contact AMICO.

6. Withdrawing Catalog or Metadata Records

Works can be removed from The AMICO Library through the Withdraw Record function of the Contribution Management System. The Principal Contact at each AMICO Member receives email notification when records are withdrawn.

Withdrawn records will be removed from The AMICO Library on the next Distribution Update.

Note that sending a new record file without a record in it does not withdraw that record from The AMICO Library.


1. Image and Multimedia File Naming

All file names for related image files should be preceded by your institution's four character abbreviation. They should end in the 3 letter prefix indicating the file's MIME type (e.g. .tif for TIFF files). See the Multimedia Data Spec. for a list of invalid characters in filenames.

2. Submitting Image and Multimedia Files

Small numbers of files [such as replacement files] can be submitted via the Contribution Management System

Send AMICO Media
To send annual submissions or large groups of files, please put write them on media [e.g. CD-ROM or ZIP] and send them to AMICO:

By Regular Mail:
AMICO Library Contributions
Robarts Library, 7th Floor
University of Toronto

130 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1A5

By Courier:
AMICO Library Contributions
Robarts Library, Loading Dock
University of Toronto

369 Huron Street

Toronto, ON M5S 1A5

*Note: If you are sending from outside Canada, please mark your package as "Business Documents."

Email AMICO to let us know that the files are coming. Then, we can let you know if they don't make it by chance.

3. Replacing, Adding or Withdrawing Image or Multimedia files

To replace an image or multimedia file with one that has the same file name:

  • send us a new file with the same name. Using the same file name ensures that a new image overwrites the one we have here.

  • update or replace the metadata record for that filename (with the Metadata ID XID the same as the filename)

To link a new or replacement image or multimedia file to a work:

  • send us a new image
  • send a new metadata record for that image
  • update the Related Image Group (RIG) / Related Image Link (RIL) to match the new image file name OR add a new Related Image Group to link another image file

To remove an image or multimedia file:

  • delete the unwanted metadata record, using the Withdraw function of the Contribution Management System
  • let AMICO know <email> that you want to delete the old image. (Right now there isn't an online way to delete image files.)


All submitted catalog and metadata records are validated to ensure that they conform to the AMICO Data Specifications.

You can validate files yourself, using the Contribution Management System, or you can have AMICO do this. Contact AMICO if you have submitted a file you wish to have validated.

Do NOT validate AMICO-Lite files yourself. These must be converted by AMICO Staff.

Records will not be sent to a distributor until they pass validation testing. You can check on the status of your files at, Using your individual user name. If you need a Login, contact AMICO.

The following fields are used by AMICO to track validation status:

AMICO Validation Date (AVD) or Metadata Validation Date (XVD)
records the date the record was last validated

AMICO Validation Version (AVV) or Metadata Validation Version (XVD)
records the version of the Data Dictionary used in the validation. If a record does not validate this field contains a 0 (zero).

AMICO Library Year (ALY) or Metadata Library Year (XLY)
records the year that a work was first contributed to The AMICO Library. Records contributed without an AMICO Library year have the current year added to them by default. Records submitted without an ALY field that do not validate have an ALY value of 0 (zero).


AMICO has developed a schedule with our distributors for correcting records in the released version of The AMICO Library.

Updates will be sent to all distributors on (at least) a monthly schedule. Corrections made by the end of the last business day in November, December, January, and February will be made within the first 10 days of the next month.

The AMICO Public Web Thumbnail Catalog is update weekly on Fridays, with all changes made up to Thursday of that week.

Updates made by noon on Thursdays are sent to Distributors weekly on Fridays. They should appear in the Distributors' systems the following week

Corrections can be made to catalog and metadata records or image and multimedia files as outlined above.


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