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Define standards for the collection and distribution of The AMICO Library

Richard Cherry, Albright-Knox Art Gallery
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Production Manager
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TO DO (as of the AMICO Annual Meeting, May 2002)
Technology Survey
Review a draft of the results of the AMICO Technology Survey
PDF version of the results

Complete the AMICO Technology Survey (open until January 2003)
Submit Data to AMICO

See Guidelines for submissions
Preliminary List of works due Oct. 30, 2002
Core Data to AMICO, Feburary 1, 2003
DEADLINE for ALL data to AMICO March 1, 2003

Improve Contribution Process

Develop Workflow Guidelines
Develop Certification Program for collections management system exports

Data Specification
Review version 1.3 and suggest improvements and additions
Contribution Management System

Review and suggest enhancements and improvements

Artists Reference Files
Create tools to facilitate standardization of AMICO Library data
Export Formats

Investigate alternate formats for transfer of AMICO Library data

User Interface Requirements
Formalize AMICO Library Distribution Requirements
Determine requirements for distribution systems, user interfaces and tools
Standards Representation
Review AMICO's representation in standards bodies
Digitization Best Practices
Develop Guidelines
Review technology and develop recommendations

Work done to date



  • Enhancements Desired
    Action: review and comment on discussion list
    • Add ability to Delete Images
    • Develop Documentation of CMS functions
    • Describe validation routines and indexing done at AMICO
    • Return Data To Members
      • Download lists of invalid records
      • Download edited records / additional index terms

Certification of Collections Management Systems Export Capability

Contribution Workflow Outline
  • Guidelines for organizing your AMICO Submissions
    Action: Submit Comments on Draft for Review (.PDF)
    - CMA Submission Process (.PDF)


    Full Data Specification
    (outlining the structure of data to be submitted to The AMICO Library)

Sample records
(see how fields are used)

Possible new fields
Action: Review possible changes (See List Discussion)

Artists Reference File
  • Review Preliminary Outline
    in development at AMICO
    See discussion at June2001 Meeting
  • Develop Contribution Guidelines for Artists Reference File (pending)
  • Grow to be biographical file

Maps to the Data Specification


Export Formats

  • AMICO Data Transfer Format (specifies syntax for tags and delimiters)
  • AMICO "Lite" Data Transfer Format
    if you are having difficulty with the more robust tagged and delimited data transfer format in the Data Specification, this is for you
  • Possible enhancements (pending)

    • Develop XML DTD for AMICO Library and implement in data submissions.
      Action: Review DTD
    • MARC / mini-MARC mapping based on LC data

Distribution Specifications

  • Revised Draft of Distributor Specification 2.0 (PDF)
    Action: Comment Period Now Closed
  • Draft of Model Distributor Contract 2.0 (PDF)
    Action: Comment Period Now Closed

  • Distributor Specification on Public Web Site

  • Public Web Catalog Specification, on Public Web Site

  • Determine requirements for user interface and tools




Past Specifications

Organizations and Reference Documents

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