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University of Alberta Request, December 1998

Colleen Skidmore of the University of Alberta submitted the following request for works to be included in The AMICO Library. They are predominantly Canadian works from the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada.


  Artist Title AID
Karel Appel Nobody Knows It, 1960 AGO_.61/28
  Jean Arp Dancing Flower, 1957  
Kenojuak Ashevak   AGO_.78/334 AGO_.78/176 AGO_.78/485 AGO_.92/134 AGO_.78/549
Jan Asselyn Classical Landscape, n.d. AGO_.56/15? (Landscape with Ancient Ruins)
  George Théodore Berthon The Three Robinson Sisters, 1846  
  George Théodore Berthon Self-Portrait, 1890  
  Paul-Émile Borduas Black and White Composition, 1956  
George Braque Still Life with Apples and Pitcher, c.1923 AGO_.71/64
  Claude Breeze Lovers in the Landscape (no. 6), 1965  
Jack Bush Dazzle Red, 1965 AGO_.65/38
Genevieve Cadieux   AGO_.88/113 AGO_.97/1585
  Luca Cambiaso Figure of a Seated Roman, n.d.  
Canaletto (studio of) The Bacino di San Marco from the Piazzetta, n.d. AGO_.829
  A.J. Casson Country Store, 1945  
  Marc Chagall En avant, 1917  
  Jack Chambers Antonio and Miguel in the U.S.A., 1965  
J.B.S. Chardin Jar of Apricots (A Dessert), 1756-58 AGO_.61/36
Claude Lorrain Carlo and Ubaldo Embarking in Pursuit of Rinaldo, 1667 AGO_.62/12? (The Embarkation of Carlo and Ubaldo)
  Alex Colville Elm Tree at Horton Landing, 1956  
Graham Coughtry Two Figures XII, 1963 AGO_.63/43
  Gustave Courbet Woman Painted at Palavas, 1854  
  Greg Curnoe Cityscape: Right Windows, 1967  
  Aelbert Cuyp View of Dordrecht, c.1655  
Honoré Daumier Distress, c.1860 AGO_.71/108
  Giorgio de Chirico Two Mannequin Heads, 1917  
  Degas The Little Dancer(?) (bronze with fabric tutu)  
Eugène Delacroix, The Fanatics of Tangier, 1857 AGO_.62/5
  Eugène Delacroix Studies of Horses and Human Figures, c.1824-32  
Raoul Dufy The Harbour at Le Have, 1905-06 AGO_.52/38
  Patterson Ewen Forked Lightening, 1971  
  Patterson Ewen Cloud Over Water, 1979  
  Clarence Gagnon Lonely Village on the St. Lawrence, c.1922-23  
General Idea   AGO_.90/91
AGO_.81/72 AGO_.98/48.1-.3 AGO_.94/5
Luca Giordano The Plague, n.d. AGO_.68/14
Betty Goodwin AGO_.96/238 AGO_.96/229 AGO_.96/271 AGO_.96/277 AGO_.96/276 AGO_.96/223 AGO_.85/296 AGO_.76/222 AGO_.94/797 AGO_.96/214 AGO_.96/185 AGO_.96/87
AGO_.96/99 AGO_.96/286 AGO_.96/280 AGO_.96/279 AGO_.96/281 AGO_.96/285 AGO_.96/284
Hortense M. Gordon Vertical Assemblage, 1949 AGO_.64/4
  Francesco Guardi Sketch of Fishermen, n.d.  
Robert Harris The News Boy, 1879 AGO_.2868
(The Newsboy)
  Barbara Hepworth Oval Sculpture (No. 3), 1943  
William Hogarth Portrait of Boy in Green Coat, c.1756 AGO_.2371
Otto Jacobi Falls of Ste. Anne, Quebec, 1865 AGO_.884
  Paul Klee Die Idee der Türme, 1918  
  William Kurelek In the Autumn of Life, 1954  
Suzy Lake   AGO_.97/1550
Marie Laurencin Andromède, 1928 AGO_.60/66
  Fernand Léger, Still Life, 1919    
Frances Loring Sir Frederick Banting, 1947 AGO_.49/59
  Attila Lukacs    
  Laura Muntz Lyall Oriental Poppies, n.d.  
René Magritte The Birthday, 1959 AGO_.70/7
  Aristide Maillo Woman with a Crab, c.1900-05  
  Henri Matisse Lorette Wearing a Persian Toque, 1916  
  Henri Matisse Ivy Branch, 1941  
Henri Matisse Jeannette V, c.1910-11 AGO_.49/45
  Henri Matisse Sailor Boy, 1906  
Henri Matisse Odalisque Reclining, c.1929 AGO_.60/6 (Image coming soon)
  David Milne Boston Corners, Berkshire Hills, 1920  
David Milne Other works (especially Boston Corners and New York City work) AGO_.85/126 AGO_.77/156
  Guido Molinari Black, 1952  
Piet Mondrian Farm at Duivendrecht, c.1905-07 AGO_.62/13 (Image coming soon)
  James Wilson Morrice Winter Street with Horses and Sleighs, c.1905  
  James Wilson Morrice Sketch for At a Country Fair, c.1905  
  James Wilson Morrice Two Women Seated near Rialto Bridge, Venice, c.1902-03  
Robert Motherwell In Grey with Parasol, 1947 AGO_.61/75
  Kazuo Nakamura Fortress, 1956  
  Ben Nicholson Still Life, June 6, 1948, 1948  
Jessie Oonark   AGO_.78/64 AGO_.78/165 AGO_.76/229 AGO_.91/177 AGO_.97/1574 AGO_.97/1572 AGO_.94/790

Pastorina da Siena

A Group of Roman Soldiers with Lances, n.d. AGO_.68/2
  Alfred Pellan Apple Woman, 1943  
  Perino del Vaga Pietà, n.d.  
Pablo Picasso Crouching Woman, 1902 AGO_.63/1
  Pablo Picasso Seated Woman, 1927  
  Pablo Picasso The Flower Vendors (study for Composition), 1906  
  Camille Pissarro Peasant Digging, 1890  
  Antoine Plamondon Portrait of Mrs. D'Arcy Boulton, Jr., early 1830s  
  Edward Poitras    
Pudlo Pudlat   AGO_.92/156 AGO_.94/771
Mary Pratt   AGO_.93/23

Mattia Preti

St. Paul the Hermit, c.1656-60 AGO_.67/36
  George Reid Self Portrait, 1884  
  Jean-Paul Riopelle Blow Upon Blow, 1953  
  William Ronald Exodus II, 1959  
  John Singer Sargent Portrait of Joseph Joachim, 1904  
  Michael Snow Walking Woman, c. 1966  
Michael Snow 0ther works AGO_.79/339.1-.2 AGO_.61/61 AGO_.82/155.1 AGO_.98/157 AGO_.97/198
  Jana Sterbak  
  Marc Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté Landscape, 1908  
  Edna Taçon Improvisation #2, 1946  
  Claude Tousignant Gong 88, 1967  
  Harold Town Monument to Hokusai, 1957  
  Harold Town Great Seal No. 1, 1961  
Unknown Quebec (Montréal), Virgin and Child, c.1750 AGO_.2307?
  Unknown Quebec (Cap Tourmente), Virgin and Child, c. 1700-05  
  Unknown Quebec, Apostle with a Book, c.1840  
  Unknown, Dutch Still Life with Roemer, Fruit and Roses, mid-17th century  
  Tony Urquhart The Oakdales' Reunion, 1961  
Anthony van Dyck Daedalus and Icarus, c.1620 AGO_.2556
Anthony van Dyck Michel Le Blon, c.1630-35 AGO_.64/45
Jan van Goyen View of Rhenen, 1641 AGO_.60/5
Salomon van Ruysdael The Ferry Boat, 1656 AGO_.56/20
  F.A. Verner Sunset on the Muskoka River, 1881  
Jeff Wall   AGO_.89/737 AGO_.82/187
Homer Watson The Death of Elaine, 1877 AGO_.2434
  Joyce Wieland Canada, 1972  
  Joyce Wieland Time Machine Series, 1981  
Joyce Wieland Other work AGO_.65/25 AGO_.98/622, AGO_.98/633 AGO_.70/374 AGO_.76/221 AGO_.64/23
Elizabeth Wyn Wood Reef and Rainbow, 1927-c.1935 AGO_.49/54

Historical and contemporary Inuit (especially Kenojuak Ashevak, Jessie Oonark, Pudlo Pudlat ) and First Nations works

Work by women, historical and contemporary, Canadian and international


Acc. No.
  Kenojuak Ashevak Any works    
William Berczy Joseph Brant, c.1805 NGC_.5777  
  Ronald Bloore Painting, June 1960, 1960   acc. no. 9523
  Paul-Émile Borduas 3+4+1, 1956   acc. no. 9055
  Paul-Émile Borduas 19.47 or Plant Parachutes, 1947   acc. no. 4911 (Nature's Parachutes)
  Paul-Émile Borduas Pulsation, 1955   acc. no. 9055
  Paul-Émile Borduas Seagull, 1956   acc. no. 6507 (Sea Gull)
  Paul-Émile Borduas Sous le vent de l'ile, 1947   acc. no. 6098 Leeward of the Island (1.47)?
Wm. Brymner A Wreath of Flowers, 1884 NGC_.19  
Wm. Brymner Two Girls Reading, 1898 NGC_.3517
(The Picture Book)
  Genevieve Cadieux Any works    
Emily Carr Blunden Harbour, c.1928 NGC_.4285  
  Paraskeva Clark Myself, 1933   acc. no. 18311
  Paraskeva Clark Petrouchka, 1937   acc. no. 18624
  Alex Colville Child and Dog, 1952   acc. no. 6257
Alex Colville Couple on Beach, 1957 NGC_.7744 (2001)  
  Greg Curnoe Victoria Hospital First Series, 1968-69   acc. no. 15778
  Thomas Davies A View of the Lower Part of the Falls of St. Anne Near Quebec, 1790   acc. no. 6283
  Allan Edson Mount Orford, Morning, 1870   acc. no. 1398
  Geo. Wm. Ellisson Grey Nuns, c. 1860   acc. no. 21645
  Wm. England Railway Suspension Bridge from the "Maid of the Mist Dock," 1859   acc. no. 28823
John Fraser A Shot in the Dawn, Lake Scugog, 1873 NGC_.6938  
General Idea Any works NGC_.17143.1-15 Evidence of Body Binding (2001)
NGC_.37688.1-1825 One Year of AZT (2001)
  Betty Goodwin Any works    
Lawren Harris Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, 1924 NGC_.3541 (2001)  
  Lawren Harris North Shore, Lake Superior, 1926   acc. no. 3708 or acc. no. 4562?
Robert Harris Harmony, 188 NGC_.6757  
Robert Harris Meeting of the School Trustees, 1886 NGC_.6  
  George Heriot West View of Château-Richer, c.1792   acc. no. 16674
A.Y. Jackson The Red Maple, 1914 NGC_.1038 (2001)  
A.Y. Jackson Terre Sauvage, 1913 NGC_.4351 (2001)  
  Paul Kane White Mud Portage, 1856   acc. no. 138
Paul Kane Other examples, if available, both oils and watercolours NGC_.6923 Interior of Clallam Winter Lodge, Vancouver Island; NGC_.103 Scalp Dance by the Chualpays Indians; NGC_.60 Chualpays Playing at Alcoloh (2001); NGC_.6918 Chinook Indians in front of Mount Hood (2001); NGC_.6921 Horse Race among the Blackfoot Indians (2001); Attributed to Paul Kane: NGC_.30466 Freeman Schermerhorn Clanch (2001) and NGC_.30487 Eliza Clarke Cory Clanch (2001)  
  Cornelius Krieghoff Habitant Farm, 1854   acc. no. 2036
  Cornelius Krieghoff Ice Bridge at Longueuil, c.1847   acc. no. 4085
  Cornelius Krieghoff Owl's Head and Skinner's Cove Lake Memphramagog, 1859   acc. no. 15490
Cornelius Krieghoff, Self-Portrait, 1855 NGC_.1657 (2001)
  Suzy Lake Any works    
  Ozias Leduc L'Enfant au pain, 1892-99   acc. no. 15793
  Ozias Leduc Mon portrait, 1899   acc. no. 16996
  Ozias Leduc Pommes vertes, 1914-15   acc. no. 1154
  Kenneth Lochhead Grey Square, 1963   acc. no. 14763
  Attila Lukacs Any works    
  John Lyman Woman with a White Collar, c.1936   acc. no. 6942
J.E.H. MacDonald The Solemn Land, 1921 NGC_.1785  
  David Milne Billboards, 1912   acc. no. 9850
  David Milne Boston Corners, 1917-18   acc. no. 4603
  David Milne Courcelette from the Cemetery, 1919   acc. no. 8478
  David Milne Road to Passchendaele, 1919   acc. no. 8475
  David Milne Trees in Spring, 1917   acc. no. 15387
David Milne Vimy Ridge from Souchez, Estaminet among the Ruins, 1919 NGC_.8433 (2001)  
  Barnett Newman Voice of Fire, 1967   acc. no. 30502
  Lilias Torrance Newton Portrait of Eric Brown, 1932   acc. no. 4290
  Lucius O'Brien A British Columbia Forest, 1888   acc. no. 159
Lucius O'Brien Kakabeka Falls, Kamanistiquia River, 1882 NGC_.4255 (2001)
Lucius O'Brien Sunrise on the Saguenay, 1880 NGC_.113 (Image coming soon)  
  Jessie Oonark      
Paul Peel A Venetian Bather, 1889 NGC_.17  
  Alfred Pellan Jeune Comédien, c.1935   acc. no. 9652: Young Actor c. 1935-after 1948
Antoine Plamondon Soeur Sainte-Alphonse, 1841 NGC_.4297  
  Edward Poitras Any works    
  Pudlo Pudlat Any works    
Mary Pratt Any works NGC_.18526 Red Currant Jelly (2001)  
George Reid Foreclosure of the Mortage, 1892 NGC_.14829 (study for Foreclosure of the Mortage)  
George Reid Mortgaging the Homestead, 1890 NGC_.86  
  Peter Paul Rubens The Entombment of Christ, 1613-15   acc. no. 6431: The Entombment
  Michael Snow Authorization, 1969   no. 15839
  Michael Snow example(s) from Walking Woman series (1961-67)   acc. no. 23295, acc. no. 18289?
  Jana Sterbak Any works    
  Frederick Varley For What?, 1917   acc. no. 18129: Preparatory Sketch for "For What?" c. 1918-1920?
Frederick Varley Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay, 1921 NGC_.1814(2001)
Frederick Varley Vera, 1928 NGC_.15559 (creation date 1931) (2001)
  Jeff Wall Any works    
Homer Watson The Stone Road, 1881 NGC_.7797  
Benjamin West The Death of General Wolfe, 1770 NGC_.8007  
  Joyce Wieland Any works    

Exterior view(s) of the National Gallery
Interior view(s) Rideau Street Convent Chapel, 1887-88
an example (or two) of a French-Canadian ex-voto

Works by contemporary artists such as(also itemized above):
Genevieve Cadieux
General Idea
Betty Goodwin
Suzy Lake
Attila Lukacs
Edward Poitras
Mary Pratt
Jana Sterbak
Jeff Wall
Joyce Wieland

Photographs from Magicians of Light exhibition catalogue; all if possible but especially works by the best-known European and North American photographers represented.

Historical and contemporary Inuit (especially Kenojuak Ashevak, Jessie Oonark , Pudlo Pudlat) and First Nations works (especially from Land Spirit Power)

Historical women's work (e.g. pre-Second World War)

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