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AMICO Users Committee, Princeton University "Want List": American Art

Ben Kessler of Princeton University submitted the following list in March of 2000. It represents works of American Art from AMICO Member Institutions that are represented in the Princeton Slide Library.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Art Institute of Chicago
Dallas Museum of Art
Denver Art Museum
Detroit Institute of Arts
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cleveland Museum of Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
National Gallery of Canada
National Museum of American Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Whitney Museum of American Art

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

  Artist Title AID
HOMER, Winslow The Croquet Players AKAG.1941:11
  INNESS, George The Coming Storm  
  JOHNS, Jasper Numbers in Color  

Art Institute of Chicago

  Artist Title AID
  DE KOONING, Willem Excavation  
  DOVE, Arthur Garfield Nature Symbolized No.2  
  HARNETT, William Michael Just Dessert  
  HOMER, Winslow After the Tornado (After the Hurricane)  
HOPPER, Edward Nighthawks AIC_.1492.51
  MARIN, John Movement, Fifth Avenue  
  SHEELER, Charles The Artist Looks at Nature  
  SHINN, Everett London Hippodrome  
  WOOD, Grant DeVolson American Gothic  

Dallas Museum of Art

  Artist Title AID
  BRICHER, Alfred Thompson Time and Tide  
  CHURCH, Fredric Edwin The Icebergs  

Denver Art Museum

  Artist Title AID
  BRADFORD, William Whalers on the Coast of Greenland  

Detroit Institute of Arts

  Artist Title AID
  BEARDEN, Romare Conjur Woman  
  BELLOWS, George Wesley A Day in June  
  BINGHAM, George Caleb Trappers' Return  
  CHURCH, Fredric Edwin Cotopaxi
  DEWING, Thomas Wilmer The Recitation  
  DOUGHTY, Thomas In Nature's Wonderland  
  DUNCANSON, Robert Scott Ellen's Isle, Loch Katrine  
  FRANKENTHALER, Helen The Bay  
  GIFFORD, Sanford Robinson Kaaterskill Falls  
  HABERLE, John Grandma's Hearthstone  
  HARNETT, William Michael American Exchange  
  HOMER, Winslow Defiance: Inviting a Shot before Petersburg, Virginia  
  HOSMER, Harriet Goodhue Medusa  
  JOHNSON, Eastman In the Fields  
  MOUNT, William Sidney Banjo Player in the Barn  
  O'KEEFFE, Georgia Stables  
  PEALE, Raphaelle Still Life with Wine Glass  
  PEALE, Rembrandt The Court of Death  
  RYDER, Albert Pinkham The Tempest  
  SHEELER, Charles Home Sweet Home  
  SLOAN, John McSorley's Bar (McSorley's Ale House)  
  STELLA, Frank Union I  
  STILL, Clyfford Painting  
  WEST, Benjamin Death on the Pale Horse  
  WEST, Benjamin King Lear: Act III, Scene IV (King Lear in the Storm)  
  WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket  

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

  Artist Title AID
BADGER, Joseph Mrs. Nathaniel Brown (Anna Porter Brown) FASF.132340
  POLLOCK, Jackson Guardians of the Secret  

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

  Artist Title AID
  RIVERS, Larry The Studio  

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

  Artist Title AID
  OLDENBURG, Claes Thure Giant Fagends (Scale I)  

Metropolitan Museum of Art

  Artist Title AID
BINGHAM, George Caleb Fur Traders Descending the Missouri MMA_.33.61
  BROWN, John George The Music Lesson  
CASSATT, Mary Lady at the Tea Table MMA_.22.16.17
CHURCH, Fredric Edwin Heart of the Andes MMA_.09.95
  CHURCH, Fredric Edwin The Parthenon  
COLE, Thomas The Oxbow (The Connecticut River near Northampton) MMA_.08.228
  DAVIES, Arthur Bowen Dream  
  DAVIES, Arthur Bowen Unicorns  
DEMUTH, Charles I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold MMA_.49.59.1
DURAND, Asher Brown The Beeches MMA_.15.30.59
  EAKINS, Thomas John Biglin in a Single Scull  
EAKINS, Thomas Max Schmitt in a Single Scull MMA_.34.92
  EAKINS, Thomas Portrait of a Lady with a Setter Dog (Mrs. Thomas Eakins)  
  EAKINS, Thomas Pushing for Rail  
  EAKINS, Thomas Signora Gomez D'Arza  
  EAKINS, Thomas The Chess Players  
EAKINS, Thomas The Thinker (Louis N. Kenton) MMA_.17.172
  EAKINS, Thomas The Writing Master: Portrait of the Artist's Father  
GIFFORD, Sanford Robinson Kauterskill Clove MMA_.15.30.62
  HABERLE, John A Bachelor's Drawer  
  HARNETT, William Michael Artist's Letter Rack  
  HARNETT, William Michael Music and Good Luck (Violin and Music)  
  HARNETT, William Michael The Banker's Table  
  HARNETT, William Michael The Social Club  
HARTLEY, Marsden Portrait of a German Officer MMA_.49.70.42
HEADE, Martin Johnson The Coming Storm MMA_.1975.160
HOMER, Winslow Gulf Stream MMA_.06.1234
  HOMER, Winslow High Tide (The Bathers)  
  HOMER, Winslow Inside the Bar, Tynemouth  
  HOMER, Winslow Northeaster  
HOMER, Winslow Prisoners from the Front MMA_.22.207
  HOMER, Winslow Searchlight, Harbor Entrance, Santiago de Cuba  
  HOMER, Winslow Sloop, Bermuda  
  HOMER, Winslow Snap the Whip  
  HOMER, Winslow The Carnival  
  HOMER, Winslow Veteran in a New Field  
  HOPPER, Edward Office in a Small City  
HOPPER, Edward The Lighthouse at Two Lights MMA_.62.95
  INNESS, George Peace and Plenty  
  JOHNSON, Eastman The Funding Bill  
JOHNSON, Eastman The Hatch Family MMA_.26.97
  KENSETT, John Frederick Eaton's Neck  
KENSETT, John Frederick Lake George MMA_.15.30.61
  KENSETT, John Frederick Sunset on the Sea  
  MARIN, John Storm over Taos, New Mexico  
MORSE, Samuel Finley Breese The Muse - Susan Walker Morse MMA_.45.62.1
MOUNT, William Sidney Cider Making MMA_.66.126
  MOUNT, William Sidney Long Island Farmhouses  
  O'KEEFFE, Georgia Black Iris  
  PETO, John Frederick Old Souvenirs  
POLLOCK, Jackson Autumn Rhythm MMA_.57.92
  POLLOCK, Jackson Pasiphae  
  POWERS, Hiram California  
  RICHARDS, William Trost Lake Squam from Red Hill  
  RIMMER, William Dying Centaur  
  RIMMER, William Fighting Lions  
  RYDER, Albert Pinkham Moonlight Marine  
  RYDER, Albert Pinkham Toilers of the Sea  
  SAINT-GAUDENS, Augustus Half Size Model for Diana (second version)  
SARGENT, John Singer Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau) MMA_.16.53
  SARGENT, John Singer Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes  
  SARGENT, John Singer Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant  
  SLOAN, John Dust Storm, Fifth Avenue  
  SMIBERT, John Judge Nathaniel Byfield  
SMIBERT, John Mrs. Francis Brinley and Her Infant Son MMA_.62.79.2
  STUART, Gilbert Matilda Stoughton de Jaudenes  
  TWACHTMAN, John Henry Arques-la-Bataille  
VANDERLYN, John Panoramic View of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles MMA_.52.184
  WEIR, Julian Alden The Factory Village  
  WEIR, Julian Alden The Red Bridge  
  WEST, Benjamin Hagar and Ishmael  
WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill Arrangement in Flesh Color and Black: Theodore Duret MMA_.13.20
  WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill Black Lion Wharf  

Cleveland Museum of Art

  Artist Title AID
  BLACKBURN, Joseph Mrs. Theodore Atkinson  
  BRADFORD, William Labrador Coast  
CHURCH, Fredric Edwin Storm in the Mountains CMA_.1969.52
DEMUTH, Charles Amaryllis CMA_.2490.1923
GIFFORD, Sanford Robinson A Home in the Wilderness CMA_.1970.162 
  KLINE, Franz Accent Grave  
  PETO, John Frederick Card Rack with Jack of Hearts  
  QUIDOR, John The Devil and Tom Walker  

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  Artist Title AID
ALLSTON, Washington Elijah in the Desert BMFA.70.1
  BADGER, Joseph Mrs. John Edwards  
BIERSTADT, Albert The Buffalo Trail BMFA.47.1268
BIERSTADT, Albert Wreck of the "Ancon" in Loring Bay, Alaska BMFA.47.1250
  BLACKBURN, Joseph Dr. Joshua Babcock  
BLACKBURN, Joseph Isaac Winslow and His Family BMFA.42.684
CASSATT, Mary A Cup of Tea BMFA.42.178
CASSATT, Mary At the Opera BMFA.10.35
COLE, Thomas Expulsion from the Garden of Eden BMFA.47.1188
COLE, Thomas River in the Catskills BMFA.63.271
COPLEY, John Singleton Henry Pelham (Boy with a Squirrel) BMFA.1978.297
COPLEY, John Singleton John Hancock BMFA.30.76d
COPLEY, John Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Izard BMFA.03.1033
COPLEY, John Singleton Mrs. Richard Skinner BMFA.06.2428
COPLEY, John Singleton Paul Revere BMFA.30.781
COPLEY, John Singleton Samuel Adams BMFA.30.76c
COPLEY, John Singleton Watson and the Shark BMFA.89.481
FEKE, Robert Isaac Winslow BMFA.42.424
FIELD, Erastus Salisbury The Garden of Eden BMFA.48.1027
  GREENWOOD, John Mrs. Henry Bromfield  
HEADE, Martin Johnson Approaching Storm: Beach near Newport BMFA.45.889
  HEADE, Martin Johnson Magnolia Grandiflora  
HEADE, Martin Johnson Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds BMFA.47.1138
HOMER, Winslow Breaking Wave BMFA.26.788
HOMER, Winslow Children Playing Under a Gloucester Wharf BMFA.21.2554
HOMER, Winslow Long Branch, New Jersey BMFA.41.631
HOMER, Winslow Ouananiche Fishing BMFA.99.30
HOMER, Winslow The Fallen Deer BMFA.23.443
HOMER, Winslow The Fog Warning BMFA.94.72
HOMER, Winslow The Green Dory BMFA.42.538
HOMER, Winslow The Lookout - "All's Well" BMFA.99.23
HOMER, Winslow Trout Fishing, Lake St. John, Quebec BMFA.99.29
  JOHNSON, Eastman The Letter Home  
  KENSETT, John Frederick Cliffs at Newport, Low Tide  
LANE, Fitz Hugh Boston Harbor at Sunset BMFA.66.339
LANE, Fitz Hugh Fresh Water Cove from Dolliver's Neck, Gloucester BMFA.48.445
LANE, Fitz Hugh Gloucester from Brookbank BMFA.48.444
O'KEEFFE, Georgia Deer's Skull with Pedernal BMFA.1990.432
  RIMMER, William Falling Gladiator  
  SALMON, Robert The New Ship "Duncan"  
SARGENT, John Singer Daughters of Edward Darley Boit BMFA.19.124
SARGENT, John Singer Mrs. Fiske Warren and Her Daughter Rachel BMFA.64.693
SARGENT, John Singer Simplon Pass: The Green Parasol BMFA.12.212
SMIBERT, John Daniel, Peter, and Andrew Oliver BMFA.53.952
  SMITH, Captain Thomas Major Thomas Savage  
  STUART, Gilbert George Washington  
STUART, Gilbert Josiah Quincy BMFA.76.347
  STUART, Gilbert Martha Washington  
SULLY, Thomas The Torn Hat BMFA.16.104
  VANDERLYN, John Niagara Falls from Table Rock  

National Gallery of Canada

  Artist Title AID
CORNELL, Joseph The Hotel Eden NGC_.17606
  SEGAL, George The Gas Station

National Museum of American Art

  Artist Title AID
CATLIN, George Buffalo Chase in Snowdrifts, Indians on Snowshoes NMAA.1985.66.565
CATLIN, George Bull Dance NMAA.1985.66.505

Philadelphia Museum of Art

  Artist Title AID
  CASSATT, Mary Alexander J. Cassatt and His Son Robert Kelso  
  DE KOONING, Willem Seated Woman  
  DUCHAMP, Marcel Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2  
  EAKINS, Thomas An Actress (Portrait of Suzanne Santje)  
  EAKINS, Thomas Benjamin Eakins  
  EAKINS, Thomas Between Rounds  
  EAKINS, Thomas Mary Adeline Williams (Addie)  
  EAKINS, Thomas Models of Horses for Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand  
  EAKINS, Thomas The Crucifixion  
  EAKINS, Thomas The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand (A May Morning in the Park)  
  EAKINS, Thomas The Old Fashioned Dress (Portrait of Helen Parker)  
  EAKINS, Thomas The Pair-Oared Shell  
  HOMER, Winslow A Temperance Meeting (A Gloucester Farm)  
  HOMER, Winslow The Life Line  
  HOMER, Winslow Winter Coast  
  HOPPER, Edward Night Shadows  
  POLLOCK, Jackson Male and Female  
  TANNER, Henry Ossawa Annunciation  
  WEST, Benjamin Death on the Pale Horse  
  WYETH, Andrew Newell Groundhog Day  

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  Artist Title AID
  KOONS, Jeff Michael Jackson and Bubbles  
  O'KEEFFE, Georgia Lake George  

Whitney Museum of American Art

  Artist Title AID
BELLOWS, George Wesley Dempsey and Firpo WMAA.31.95
CLOSE, Chuck Phil WMAA.69.102
DEMUTH, Charles My Egypt WMAA.31.172
  GLACKENS, William James Hammerstein's Roof Garden WMAA.53.46
  GOTTLIEB, Adolph Frozen Sounds, No.1  
  HOFMANN, Hans Magenta and Blue  
  HOPPER, Edward Le Bistro (The Wine Shop)  
HOPPER, Edward Railroad Sunset WMAA.70.1170
INDIANA, Robert X-5 WMAA.64.9a-e (2001)
  JOHNS, Jasper Racing Thoughts  
  JOHNS, Jasper Three Flags  
  JUDD, Donald Untitled  
KIENHOLZ, Edward The Wait WMAA.66.49a-m

  LOUIS, Morris Tet  
MARIN, John Region of Brooklyn Bridge Fantasy WMAA.49.8

OLDENBURG, Claes Thure Soft Toilet WMAA.79.83a-b (2001)
  RIVERS, Larry Double Portrait of Berdie  
  SMITH, David Hudson River Landscape  

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