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AMICO Users & Uses Committee

Draft ONE: AMICO Testbed User Survey

Interactive Media Group, Cornell
January 5, 1999
Contact: Robert Rieger,; 607-255-5530

Help Us Improve The AMICO Library!

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Complete the following survey, then enter yourself in the drawing to receive gift certificates from XXX, XXX and XXX on-line museum shops.

Please note: This confidential survey is being conducted by the Interactive Media Group at Cornell University, an independent unit unaffiliated with AMICO or the Research Libraries Group. Your name will not be provided to AMICO Library organizers without your authorization.

1) Where did you learn about The AMICO Library? (Check all that apply.)
Class assignment
Library recommendation
Friend's recommendation
Found using a web search tool
Saw it mentioned on an electronic mailing list
Link from another web site. Which? ____________
Other ________________________

2) Approximately how many total times have you visited The AMICO Library?
[Pull-down box; label: Frequency· ]
2-3 times
4-6 times
7-10 times
More than 10 times

3) What is the main reason you visited The AMICO Library this time?
[Pull-down box; label: Reason for visit· ]
Class assignment
Other ___________________

4) Please rate the usefulness of the following functions of The AMICO Library
[Check-off table; Scale label: Very useful (5) to Not at all useful (1) or Don't know]
Simple search
Advanced search
Review (search history)
Options (customize image and display options)
Full display
Larger presentation image
Smaller presentation image
Notebook (select and store records)
Print (format for printing)
Comments (do we want this one???)

5) Please rate the following aspects of The AMICO Library based on your most recent visit:
[Check-off table; Scale label: Excellent (5) to Poor (1) or Don't know]
Overall appeal
Clarity of written information
Appeal of screens (icons, layout, etc.)
Ease of browsing
Ease of searching
Effectiveness of searching
Speed of delivery
Quality of written information
Quality of images

6) What were you looking for? (Optional) ________________________

7) Did you find what you were looking for? (Check all that apply.)
[Check-off boxes]
I found what I was looking for.
I found something that interests me.
I was unable to find what I was looking for.
I was just browsing.

8) What will you do with the information that you found? (Check all that apply.)
[Check-off boxes]
Use it in a report, research, etc.
Copy and paste into another program
Print it out
Refer/link other users to it
Other _____________________

9) Before AMICO and other Web sites brought digital images to your computer, how frequently did you use images in your class assignments or research?
[Pull-down box; label: Frequency· ]

[NEW QUESTION·needs help]
10) For various reasons, some records in The AMICO Library contain only the textual information, without an accompanying image. How useful to you would you say such records are? (Or, Which of the following would be your preference: 1) Keep record, with "Image Not Available" notice. 2) Wait to add record until the image is available.

Please tell us about yourself
(The following information will make the results of this survey more meaningful.)

11) With which university, museum or other organization are you affiliated?
[Pull-down box; label: Your affiliation· ]
Will insert here list of University/Museum affiliations.

12) Occupation
[Pull-down box; label: Occupation· ]
High school student
Undergraduate student
Graduate student
College/University faculty member
College/University staff member
Museum staff member
Other professional

13) Major field of study
[Pull-down box; label: Major field of study· ]
Fine Arts
Social Science

14) Age
[Pull-down box; label: Age· ]
Less than 18 years
18-22 years
23-30 years
31-50 years
Over 50 years

15) Gender
[Pull-down box; label: Gender· ]

16) Overall, please rate the overall value of The AMICO Library.
[Check-off bullets]
Comments _____________________

17) Please enter additional comments here. We are particularly interested in learning· ???
[Comments box here]

User Information
Win gift certificates to on-line museum shops!
Register here for free drawing to be held on May 1, 1999. Winners will be notified by e-mail.
Name _____________________
E-mail address __________________

Can AMICO Library organizers contact you by e-mail for further information?
[Check-off bullets] yes no

[Submit button] Submit your completed survey

Thank you.

Created by the Interactive Media Group, Cornell University
Send comments regarding the survey to

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