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Identify audiences for The AMICO Library and articulate their needs

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TO DO (as of the AMICO Annual Meeting, June 2000)
Develop Libray Content to
Meet User Needs

Identify works that Users want in The AMICO Library:
- works reproduced in textbooks
- works identified by AIC
- other "Want Lists"
Review role of Multimedia in user satisfaction

Encourage AMICO Library Use
and User Feedback

Develop AMICO Educator's Guide
Provide mechanism to gather user comments
Assist AMICO Members in encouraging staff use of The AMICO Library
Monitor use of AMICO Library and develop meaningful statistical reports
Encourage use of The AMICO Library in K-12 schools.
Develop Model Uses of The AMICO Library
Recognize exemplary use of The AMICO Library
Evaluate Use

Distributor Applications

Provide Distributors with feedback on their AMICO Library applications

Membership Development
and Participation
Facilitate Members' Participation in AMICO
Communications Activities
Assist with programs to distribute information about AMICO

Work done to date


Develop AMICO Library Content to meet User Needs

  • Identify Works Reproduced in Textbooks, and include them in The AMICO Library
  • Explore Role of Rich Multimedia in Library Quality
    • Users and Uses Committee to review sample records linked to AMICO web site.
    • AMICO staff to structure a study of how useful depth in The AMICO Library is for educators. Use AMICO Member education staff as user group.
    • User and Uses Committee Members to administer study at their own institutions
Distributor Feedback
  • Provide feedback to Distributors of The AMICO Library
    Action: Use the feedbach mechanisms (such as 'stamp' icon in the RLG application and 'comments link' on the public web site) to provide comments, immediately, when using The AMICO Library
  • Encourage AMICO distributors to view promotion of curricular materials/tools created by educators as important as the content of The AMICO Library
Encourage AMICO Library Use
  • AMICO Staff to include information about the 30-day AMICO Library trial in future prospective Member packages.

  • Develop AMICO Educator Handbook
    • Send drafts to U&U Committee Chair and a Member/Subscriber group (for Educator handbook) by Aug 18, 2000
    • Action: Review Draft How to AMICO Educators Manual, Version 1.0 (.PDF file)
    • Receive feedback, revise, and distribute "How To" handbooks to Subscribers in October 2000

  • K-12 Schools
    • Member educational staff review and assess the Library themes/"chunks" created by AMICO in-house teacher/intern
    • Develop strategy for K-12 usage test, perhaps teaming with selected Members' school partners.

    • AMICO School Testbed Call for Participation issued on Aug. 18, 2000
    • U&U Committee Review and Finalization of School Testbed Participants.
      Action: Read proposals and provide rankings to AMICO by October 11th, 2000
    • Support sharing of interpretive content between K-12 users
      Action: Stop in to Schools Website, regularly

    • See the Whitney/AMICO Doceo Reports as well.

  • Develop Mechanisms to Solicit User Feedback
    • Create a mechanism that elicits feedback but doesn't promise satisfying specific requests for content. It could take the form of a kind of community bulletin board/categorized "want list" or use the University Users D-list to solicit requested works

  • Monitor AMICO Library Use
    • Review online statistics
      Action: submit what questions need to be answered in Library Use statistics
    • AMICO Staff will create and post a sample report by end of October 2000
      Action: User Committee to comment on sample report
    • AMICO staff to provide new standard report template
    • RLG Usage Statistics

  • Evaluation

    • DOCEO/AMICOFeedback
      (DOCEO is a K-12 project developed by the Whitney)
      • Narratives from NYSDE site visits (.PDF)
      • Future Plans for DOCEO based on teacher feedback (.PDF)
      • Planned changes for the DOCEO website (.PDF)

    • 2001 Users Group at CAA
    • 2000 Focus Group at ARLIS
  • Encourage AMICO Member Use
    • Receive AMICO poster file, customize with Museum name and URL, print out, and post within one's museum
    • Get Technical/Marketing personnel to place AMICO links on public site and museum's intranet

  • Develop Model Uses of The AMICO Library.
  • Recognize Exemplary Use
    • Implement some sort of recognition of educational use of The AMICO Library possibly through AMICO Teaching Awards

Facilitate AMICO Members' Participation

  • Update Project Team Lists
    Action:AMICO Principal Contacts to review AMICO Team list and send changes back to AMICO by Sept 6, 2000
  • Develop Model Workflow Guidelines
    Action: Users & Uses Committee to comment on Workflow document, indicating who's responsible for which tasks at their institution
  • Develop a "How to AMICO" handbook for Members and Educators
    • Action: Review Draft developed by AMICO: How to AMICO Members Manual, Version 1.0 (.PDF file)
    • Receive feedback, revise, and distribute "How To" handbooks to Subscribers in October 2000
    • Solicit suggested AMICO intern activities (within a Member institution), for inclusion in "How To" handbook.
  • AMICO Staff to develop a New Member Mentoring program.
    Action: Contact Kelly Richmond if you are interested in being an AMICO Mentor

AMICO Communications Activities

  • Web Site
    Review the structure of the public web site to create clear area for potential Members and Subscribers
    • AMICO Staff will perform general archiving and streamlining of the Public and Members web sites, so they are more easily navigated, "cream rises to the top"
    • Action: Provide Feedback on Web Site to AMICO

    Review the structure of the Members Web site

    • Action: Provide Feedback on Web Site to AMICO

  • Conferences
    Coordinate Conference Attendance
    • Members should let AMICO know when they are going to be at a particular conference and offer to speak/represent AMICO
    • AMICO Staff to review upcoming conference venues and coordinate representation.

  • PR & Marketing "Toolbox"
    • AMICO Publicity copy for New Members to notify staff of AMICO participation (.PDF)
    • AMICO Orientation for Members to use in-house (.ppt file)
    • Joint Release about The AMICO Library Launch by the National Gallery of Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, July 1999,
      .PDF file in English and in French
    • Director's Letter to Members, Cleveland Museum of Art, April 1999, (PDF)
    • Press Release about the Founding of AMICO and CMA's Participation, Cleveland Museum of Art, November 1997, (.PDF)

  • Public Descriptions of AMICO
Papers and Presentations about AMICO
  • Henry Pisciotta's CAA Review of The AMICO Library

  • Papers about AMICO on the public web site.

  • We've also assembled a number of Powerpoint presentations to download and reuse. Look at the PDF files first, before you download the powerpoint.

  • University of Pittsburgh, Art History Colloquium
    Jennifer Trant , "Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO), museum multimedia for education", November 2, 1999 (PDF from pubilc web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file to save to disk).

    MUZEA, Kulturni Dedictivi a digitalini revoluce, Prague, Czech Republic
    Jennifer Trant , "Art Museum Image Consortium: enabling educational use of museum multimedia", October 14, 1999 Presentation Slides (PDF from pubilc web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file to save to disk)

    Accesso Multimedia ao Partimonio Cultural, Porto, Portugal
    Jennifer Trant , "Art Museum Image Consortium ", October 7, 1999 (PDF from pubilc web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file to save to disk)

    International Consortium of LIbrary Consortia (ICOLC)
    David Bearman , "Art Museum Image Consortium: a cultural heritage resource for Educational", October 1, 1999 (PDF from public web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file)

    International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting - ichim99
    Jennifer Trant , "Using Knowledge Models in AMICO", September 24, 1999 (PDF from public web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file to save to disk)

    CIDOC/MDA, London England
    ennifer Trant and David Bearman, "Art Museum Image Consortium: a Cultural Digital Library for educational users", September 9, 1999 (PDF from public web site) OR original Powerpoint slides (large file to save to disk)

University Testbed IUPUI Public Library and K-12 Project MEETINGS

CAA Meeting
February 22, 2003, New York, NY

ARLIS Meeting
March 25, 2003, Baltimore, MD

Annual Members Meeting
June 20-22, 2001, Ottawa, ON

Annual Members Meeting
June 8-10, 2000, San Franciso, CA

CAA Meeting
February 25, 2000, New York, NY
Annual Members Meeting
June 4-5, 1999, Pittsburgh, PA
Users Committee Meeting
Sunday, April 25, 1999, Cleveland, OH
Annual Members Meeting
April 26, 1998, Toronto, Canada
Planning Meeting
October 15, 1997



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