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AMICO Users & Uses Committee

April 25, 1999
Cleveland Museum of Art
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  1. Evaluation Activities
  2. a. Focus Group Results - Art Historians and Visual Resource Curators

    • Review questions, answers and summary points
    • Strategy to respond to concerns raised.
    • Background: (mailed previously)


      • summary of questionnaire responses
      • Questionnaire
      • Focus group transcript


      • summary of questionnaire responses
      • Questionnaire
      • Focus group transcript

      Videos are available. Email jtrant@amico.orgto borrow these.

    b. Cornell Survey Update

      Background: Online survey at

    c. MW99 Feedback

    d. AMICO In house

    • How do we get feedback about AMICO from users at AMICO member institutions?
    • How best to roll out AMICO in-house?


    e. Recommendations

    • Recruiting of and marketing to university subscribers
    • Editorial Committee Action needed
    • Rights Committee Action needed


  3. K-12 Projects
  4. a. IUPUI IMLS-funded Project

    • Role of AMICO Educators

    • Background: Summary of IUPUI project grant proposal

    b. Hampshire College Proposal

    • Interface for younger users

      Background: Proposal from Slavko Milekic

  5. Distribution Agreements
    • Update on contracts: California Digital Library and OhioLINK.


  6. University Testbed and AMICO Members Meeting, Pittsburgh June 3-5 1999.
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Review proposals and discuss format
    • Background: Proposals from University Testbed Participants

  7. User Committee To Do List
    • Revise and Update


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