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AMICO Users & Uses Committee

AMICO Users and Uses Committee
October 15, 1997

Evaluating University Proposals to be AMICO Testbed Participants

At our first committee meeting, after reviewing the content of the Call for Participation in the AMICO University Testbed Project, the committee brainstomed the following list of characteristics, in response to the question: What makes a good university testbed partner?

These characteristics need to be refined further, between now and the deadline for the submission of proposals, December 15, 1997, in order for the committee to develop a shared sense of the kind of partners we are looking for to collaborate in the testbed. These criteria will aid in the evaluation of the received proposals.

A good university testbed participant is: Connected
  • to the networked information community
  • to other testbed participants
  • to museums in the AMICO Consortium
  • capable of participating actively not their first project, although could be one or two that are just starting if they have planned on it]
  • has existing departmental resources to support and use AMICO Library
  • Doing it now, and planning to keep doing it
  • to benefit from participation
  • to contribute to our Research Agenda
  • to develop our understanding of the issues and questions
  • to make high-profile use of Library
  • good user base on campus
  • to the successful completion of the project
  • ready to give us good data
  • interested in its analysis
  • has positive experience with consortia
  • broad representation of university users and decision-makers on project team
Together the group of participants needs to be Representative
  • of the demographics of the market
  • including different types of institutions, public and private, large and small, specialized and generalist, art schools

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