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AMICO Sample Records

Notes on the AMICO Sample Records
Created when drafting AMICO Data Dictionary 1997.

These examples have been selected from the data that was submitted in the test process. No favourtism intended; we were looking for imaging challenges, and examples of wide-ranging documentation. If you would like to make an example to be included, feel free! Email jennifer when you are ready to have the files linked into the web site.

Note about Text Records: We have tried not to alter content at all in the mapping of what was submitted to the data dictionary. As a result, some of the required fields are missing, and the formats are not correct in the examples below.

Questions about Text Records:

  • What should be searchable? Look at the list of fields on the Data Dictionary format examples, and make your recommendations.
  • How much information should be on the public web site? Choose fields from the Data Dictionary that should always or never be on the public web site.

A note about Images: No attempt was made to minimize file sizes when these images were created, so they may download slowly. There is some fine tuning to do that takes time. Look now at the resolutions recommended. The files were sampled using PhotoShop 4.0 on a Power Macintosh 8500. No colour correction or cropping was done. All derivative images were created from the original source file. These were TIFF files, for all but the Art Institute of Chicago Mummy, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (where the source was PICT). Full metadata for these files can be found linked to the Technical Operations Committee Page.

Questions about Images:

  • Please look at the two sizes of thumbnails and voice your opinion about which size is correct for the public version of AMICO images.
  • The Henry Moore example includes thumbnails sampled from the both the orignial TIFF file and the screen-size JPEG. There are questions about quality vs processing time that we may want to discuss. The TIFF-source image is better, but takes about 10 times longer to produce.

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