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Agreement I-1: Membership Terms

This version dated August 5, 1997

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A license to the AMICO products and the services delivered by AMICO have a value to museums. Participation has quite substantial costs. Membership structures should reflect a symbolic value attached to the products and services received and the contribution members make to the Consortium.

Membership Categories

AMICO's membership structures should enable participation of a broad range of institutions. Levels of membership are proposed that reflect the readiness and ability of institutions to participate in AMICO's activities:

Participating (full) members of AMICO contribute to the Library and receive the benefits, including a license to the library. They also incur the costs of full participation, including requirements to send representatives to working groups and committees.

Associate members cannot meet the level of contribution required of full members. They do make a minimally defined content contribution each year and send representatives to serve on committees. They receive AMICO services and a license to the library.


Organizations that are not contributing AMICO members (or planning to become som) may also want to license the library.

Observers are eligible institutions which are planning to join AMICO at a future date. They benefit from some access to AMICO service and receive a license the library but do not participate in AMICO work or contribute content.

Non-member Museums may purchase the license to the Library for educational uses.

Membership Structure
Categories Dues* Expectations Benefits
Participating (Full) Members $ to $$$$$$$ * Contribute content
- maximum possible
- at least 500 p.a.
- special exceptions by Board approval
* Committee Duties
* All services
* Board Representation
- Full voting members
* Attend meetings
* Serve on committees
* Set technical standards
* Receive license to library
Associate Members $ to $$$$$$$ * Contribute content
- at least 10 per $1M budget p.a.
* Committee duties
* Data enhancement & rights clearance services
* Attend meetings
* May serve on committees
* Receive license to library
Observers $ to $$$$$$$ * Preparing to be members * Receive license to Library
* Receive member advisory notices and reports
Non-Member Museums all sizes
* Receive license to Library for educational uses
Note: * $ signs reflect relative amount; actual level of financial commitment to be set by AAMD Trustees and AMN Advisory Board. Seven levels correspond to categories of AAMD museum membership.

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