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Agreement III-1: Year One Schedule

This version dated August 5, 1997

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This is a rough first year task schedule that would enable AMICO to provide content to one distributor in the university sector, for the purpose of testing the content acquisition, enhancement, and delivery systems. Initial months of the second year phase in AMICO's independent administrative structure and establish the basis for a first year of full availability to universities, museums and public libraries.

Tentative Schedule for First Year of AMICO Activities
Month Organizational Task Operational and Technical Tasks
Aug. 97 Invitation to join issued Founding members provide 10 sample records (both text and image)
Sept. -
Oct 97
AMICO Formed Sept. 22-23 Begin analysis of members' data
Open discussion with Distributors Define data distribution requirements
Open dialog with Vocabulary and Authority providers Define data enhancement requirements
AAMD begins incorporation process Define hardware and software requirements for AMICO system
Nov. 97 Arrangements with Vocabulary and Authority providers Develop data enhancement specifications
Announce Test-bed Refine Test-bed Objectives
Dec. 97 Contract Distributors Develop data distribution specification
Solicit distributor product definitions Begin test of output requirements
Acquire/contract AMICO server System procurement and implementation
Jan. 98 Members begin to deliver data to AMICO Final input specifications to members
Feb. 98 Select university test users Conduct Focus Groups with users
Finalize distributor product definitions Review distributor's product specifications
Mar. 98 All member data to AMICO Data enhancement at AMICO
Accept distributor product definitions Final output requirements established with Distributors
April 98 Contract test-bed participants
Deliver list of test-bed contents Data enhancement and formatting to output requirements
May 9 8 AMICO incorporated independently Enhanced data returned to museums
June 98 AMICO Catalog Publicly Announced/ Available Final delivery to distributor
July 98 Test-bed launched Distributor delivers to testbed users
Pre-test data collected

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