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AMICO References Cited
Project Description for National Science Foundation Digital Libraries Initiative II

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Organizations and Projects

AAMD. The Association of Art Museum Directors <>

AIC. Art Institute of Chicago, an AMICO member, and partner in this proposal <>

AMICO. Art Museum Image Consortium <> . The Art Museum Image Consoritum’s online catalog of the library. <>

AMN. The Art Museum Network, the web site of the AAMD <>

ANSI. The American ational Standards Institue <>

CHIO. Cultural Heritage Information Online A project of CIMI, involving Z39.50 access to museum datasets. <>

CIMI. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information <>

CMU Carnegie Mellon University, a partner in this proposal.

EAD Encoded Archival Description. An SGML expression of an archival finding aid <

Ebind Project. Digital Page Imaging and SGML: An Introduction to the Electronic Binding DTD [Online] Available:

FASF. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. An AMICO Member, and a partner in this proposal. <>

FRICK. The Frick Collection and Art Reference Library, New York. An AMICO Member, and partner in this proposal. <>

GII. Getty Information Institute.<>

Gove. The Grove Dictionary of Art. 34. Vols. Macmillan Reference Ltd. 1996.

HC. Hampshire College, Massachusettes. A partner in this proposal.

IAIA Integrated Arts Information Access. < and>

ICC. International Color Consortium <>

ICOM/CIDOC. International Council of Museums, International Committee on Documentation. <>

MDA. Museum Documentation Association, UK-based museum standards body, and publishers of the SPECTRUM standard. <>

MESL. Museum Educational Site Licensing Project. An experiment in educational use of museum digital documentation, involving 7 collections, 7 universities and the Getty Information Institute. <>

MOA II. The Making of America II Project. A collaborative digital library project involving UC Berekely,Cornell University, New York Public Library, Pennsylvania State University, and Stanford University, within the Digital Library Federation. <>

NISO. National Inforamtion Standards Organization. <>O

OCLC. A Library bibliographic utility and digital library provider. <>

REACH Record Export for Art and Cultural Heritage. A Project of RLG. <>

RIT. Rochester Institute of Technology. A partner in this proposal.

RLG. Research Libraries Group. A partner in this proposal. <>

UIUC. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne. A partner in this proposal.

VISION. A project of RLG and the VRA to test the VRA Core.

VRA Visual Resources Association <>

WAC. Walker Art Center. An AMICO member and a partner in this proposal. <>

Online Information Resources

AAI: Index to Nineteenth-Century American Art Periodicals. Available through RLG.

AAT, The Art and Architecture Thesaurus, Getty Information Institute, <> Also available through RLG

Avery. The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals. Available through RLG.

BHA. The Bibliography of the History of Art. Available through RLG.

Provenance. The Getty Provenance Index. Available through RLG.

RLIN. The Research Libraries Information Network. Available through RLG.

SCIPIO. SCIPIO Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs. Available through RLG

TGN. The Thesaurus of Geographic Names. Getty Information Institute. <> Also available through RLG

ULAN. The Union List of Artists’ Names. Getty Information Institute. <> Also available through RLG

AMICO. Art Museum Image Consortium [Online] Available: www.amico.orgDC Dublin Core

CIMI. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information [Online] Available:

CHIO. Cultural heritage Informatio Online A project of CIMI

CHIO. Cultural Heritage Information Online A project of CIMI

CIMI. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information [Online] Available:

DC Dublin Core

DIG Digital Imaging Group, [Online] Available at

Ebind Project. Digital Page Imaging and SGML: An Introduction to the Electronic Binding DTD [Online] Available:

MDA. Museum Documentation Association, architects of the SPECTRUM standard. Online at url:

Content Standards and Standards Development

AMICO DataSpec 1998. Art Museum Image Consortium. AMICO Data Specification. Comprised of Catalog Record Specification, Version 1.0, Multimedia File Metadata Specification, Version 1.0, Related Image and Multimedia Files Specification. [<] at url:>

AMICO Map 1998. Map of the AMICO Data Dictionary to other Element/Attribute Sets. <>

CDWA 1998. Art Information Task Force, Categories for the Description of Works of Art, College Art Association and Getty Art History Information Program. <[ at url]>

CIDOC Core Categories. International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories. International Committee for Documentation o f the International Council of Museum, 1995. [< at url]>

CIDOC 1997. CIDOC Reference Model. Draft object oriented model of museum information. maintained by Nick Crofts and Pat Reed, CIDOC Documentation Standards Group. Draft. 14 December 1997.

Kahin/Abbate 1195. Kahin Brian, and Janet Abbate, eds. Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure. Cambridge, MA and London: The MIT Press.

SPECTRUMSPECTRUM. Museum Documentation Association. SPECTRUM; The UK Museum Documentation Standard, second edition, 1997. . S<ee> Available from the Museum Documentation Association.

VRA Core. Visual Resources Association Data Standards Committee. The Core Categories for Visual Resources, Version 2.0, October 15, 1997. [< at url]>


Besser/Trant 1994. Besser, Howard and Jennifer Trant. "Describing Imaging Files: The Need for a Technical Standard," Coalition for Networked Information, Orlando, Florida, Nov.1994. <>

Besser/Trant 1995. Besser, Howard and Jennifer Trant. Introduction to Imaging: issues in constructing an image database. Getty Art History Information Program, 1995.

CIMI 1998. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI) Z39.50 Working Group (1998, March 1). The CIMI Profile: Z39.50 Application Profile for Cultural Heritage Information.<>

Ester 1996. Ester, Michael, Digital Image Collections: Issues and Practice, The Commission on Preservation & Access, December 1996.

DIG Digital Imaging Group, an industry group exploring tiled and layered image file formats that enable progressive delivery of visual data <>

Jackson, et al 1994. Jackson, Richard, Lindsay MacDonald and Ken Freeman, Computer Generated Color: a practical guide to presentation and display. Wiley..

Kenney 1996. Anne Kenney, Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives, Cornell University Library, June 1996.

Knoll/Psohlavec 1995. Knoll, Adolf, and Stanislave Psohlavec, Digitization of Old Manuscripts, Praha, Národní knihovna, 1995.

Kenny/Chapman 1995. Digital Resolution Requirements for Replacing Text-Based Material: Methods for Benchmarking Image Quality. Commission on Preservation and Access. 1995.

Reilly/Frey 1996. James M. Reilly and Franziska S. Frey, "Recommendations for the Evaluation of Digital Images Produced from Photographic, Microphotographic, and Various Paper Formats". Report to the Library of Congress National Digital Library Project by the Image Permanence Institute. May 1996. <>

Robinson 1993. Robinson, Peter, The Digitzation of Primary Textual Sources. Office for Humanities Communication Publications,No. 4.

Trant 1995. Trant, Jennifer. "Framing the Picture: Standards for Imaging Systems," in David Bearman, ed., Multimedia Computing and Museums, Selected Papers from the Third International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivitiy in Museums, Pittsburgh, PA: Archives and Museum Informatics, 347-367.

Museums, Technology and Digital Libraries

Arms, William Y., Christophe Blanchi, Edward A. Overly, "An Architecture for Information in Digital Libraries" D-Lib Magazine, February 1997 <>[ISSN 1082-9873]

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Bearman 1995b. Bearman, David. "Data Relationships in the Documentation of Cultural Objects", in Jane Sledge ed. Categories for Description of Works of Art a special issue of (Santa Monica, Getty Trust, 1995) also Visual Resources, Volv. 11, p.295-306.
Bearman 1994. Bearman, David, "Thesaurally Mediated Retrieval", Visual Resources, Vvol. 10, pp.295-307.

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Beyond Interface 1998. Dietz, Steve (curator) Beyond Interface an exhibition of online art in conjunction with Museums and the Web 1998. < beyond_interface> t

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Blake Archives. The Blake Archive. ( A hypermedia archive sponsored by the Library of Congress and supported by the Getty Grant Program, the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia, Sun Microsystems, and Inso Corporation. With additional support from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Editors, Morris Eaves, University of Rochester, Robert Essick, University of California, Riverside, Joseph Viscomi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. <Online at url:>

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CIMI 1998. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI) CIMI Z39.50 Working Group (1998, March 1). The CIMI Profile: Z39.50 Application Profile for Cultural Heritage Information. [Online at url:]. Available: [1998, July 8]

CIMI. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information [Online] Available:

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, (ISSN 1082-9873)

Museums, Economics, Intellectual Property and Digital Information

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