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About AMICO and AMICO Library Web Sites

AMICO maintains a number of separate web sites:

Public Sites
  The AMICO Public Web Site (at is our main presence on the World Wide Web. It contains general information about the Consortium, Frequently Asked Questions, Sample Records and the full AMICO Thumbnail Catalog. Background documents are also distributed here, including press releases, summaries of presentations, texts of published papers, and the full text of The AMICO Library Agreements, Data Specification and Distributor Specification. This is where to direct people who what to know "more about AMICO".
  The Thumbnail Catalog is found within the AMICO Public Web Site, but may also be accessed directly (at The Thumbnail Catalog allows visitors to the AMICO Public Site to preview the contents of The AMICO Library by searching the entire contents of the Library and viewing small thumbnail images only with minimal, tombstone text about the work.
Private Sites
The AMICO Members Web Site (where you are now at is a secure site. Access is restricted to AMICO Members only, by password. Please do not give your password to anyone outside your institution. Here, we maintain pages (and TO DO Lists) for each of the AMICO Working Committees, the Executive Committee and The Board, share draft documents, and conduct online discussions. This is where to find out more about "doing AMICO."
  The K-12 School Testbed Web Site is
Access restricted to AMICO Members and participants in the K-12 School Testbed project. This will be our main portal to communicate with our K-12 teachers, post their plans for using The AMICO Library, answers questions they might have, and chart their progress using The AMICO Library.
AMICO Library Sites
The AMICO Library as provided by distributor, Research Libraries Group (RLG) (at allows you to see The AMICO Library contents presented in entirety, as a subscriber to The AMICO Library would see it. You must either provide AMICO with an IP address or range that we pass on to RLG, so your institution may have direct access OR your AMICO team will be prompted for a single password. If you've forgotten your password, email to request it.
  The AMICO Library as provided by distributor, OhioLINK, is still being set up for Member access, but once we have an access link we will place it here. (Here is the general OhioLINK site,
Archived Sites
The University Testbed Web Site (at is a secure site. Access is restricted to AMICO Members and participants in the University Testbed project. AMICO members use their own password. Testbed Participants have a different password, that only gives them access to this site. On the University Testbed Site we maintain discussion lists for participants in the project, and issues-focussed web pages for each of its working groups. This is where to connect with the University Testbed Participants.

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