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How to Contribute to The AMICO Library

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Contribution Process Overview
When should our museum start to plan for our next year's submission?
How many works does each Member contribute?

Are there deadlines throughout the contribution cycle? What are they?
Is there a diagram which explains the Workflow process?
Which parts of the process are owned by Members and which are owned by AMICO?
Are there tools to help us set up our AMICO submissions?

Select Contribution
Does AMICO give guidelines for what to contribute to The AMICO Library?
How should our museum determine what works are good candidates for our annual contribution?

Review Contribution
What groups or departments at my instituiton need to review our proposed contribution list?

What tasks do these departments need to perform regarding our list?

Export Contribution
What do we need to properly set up our data for export?
What tasks are required to make our data export run smoothly?
Should we have one person taking care of all these tasks?
Once our museum exports our data for our contribution are we done?

Validate Contribution
What is the Validation program and what does it do?
What if we have error and warning messages after the Validation program has been run for our contribution?
What does AMICO check in the Validation process and what do Members need to check?
When does error-free data from us have to be to AMICO?

Enhance Contribution
Can our museum's contribution be enhanced without passing validation?
What sorts of things are done in the data enhancement stage of the contribution process?
Why is data enhancement useful?
How were the data enhancements determined?
Are additional data enhancements planned?
Does AMICO perform the data enhancements?

Distribute Contribution
Can our museum update our records throughout the year?
How often does AMICO send updated information to its distributors?
When would we see our changes reflected in the online version of The AMICO Library?

Could the data enhancements that AMICO performs be given back to individual Members?















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