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How to Participate in AMICO

Getting Started Dues
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Getting Started

What is an AMICO Team?
Who participates in AMICO at other Member Museums?
How can our Museum explain to colleagues about AMICO?
What could an intern do to help our AMICO participation?
How can our Museum publicize our AMICO Membership?

How much are AMICO Annual Dues?
When does our Museum pay our Annual Dues?
To whom is the Annual Dues invoice sent?

What are the AMICO Committees?
Who are the Member participants of each Committee?
How do I participate in them?

Why do I keep getting general AMICO email messages? How can I post a message?
Why do I keep getting AMICO Committee email messages? How can I post a message?
How can I get added/taken off the general list?
How can I get added/taken off Committee lists?
I'm going on vacation, should I get taken off the list?

Who oversees AMICO?
How are these Board Members and Officiers selected?

Who works for AMICO and what do they do?

Projects and Meetings
What else is AMICO working on?
Where does AMICO plan to exhibit or present in the coming year?
Where can I read the latest press releases from AMICO?

Web Sites
What are the different AMICO sites and how do I access them?

















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