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How to Participate in AMICO

Getting Started Dues

Getting Started

What is an AMICO Team?
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Communication and coordination are essential in any collaboration. To aid your AMICO participation, it is recommended that you establish an internal AMICO team that meets perhaps three times a year. A suggested schedule is:

1) In May, before the annual Members Meeting (in June) to raise issues to be discussed by the Member representative to the Meeting.

2) In July/August, post-Annual Meeting to review the outcomes of that meeting and consider upcoming year submission to the Library.

3) In the late Fall to finalize the image submission list and plan the schedule for your upcoming contribution.

The AMICO team would ideally comprise representatives from the following departments:

Information Technology
Photo Studio
Rights & Reproductions
The Library

Who participates in AMICO at other Member Museums? Get this info as a .PDF file

  • Registrars can streamline Rights and Reproductions for educational uses
  • Educators get access image from other collections and share their interpretive programs with students across the country or around the globe
  • Curators have in-depth contact to detailed collections documentation from other museums
  • Your Librarian can use The AMICO Library as a public reference tool
  • Your Systems IT staff will connect with the best in the business and develop strategies and solutions with peers

    See the list of Members' AMICO Teams

How can our Museum explain to colleagues about AMICO?

At the 2000 Annual Members Meeting it was determined that is would be helpful to have a powerpoint presentation, that could be customized by Members, talking about what AMICO is and how various departments at the Member institution might have a hand in AMICO participation.

Download the AMICO Member presentation as a .PPT file

What could an intern do to help our AMICO participation? Get this info as a .PDF file

At the 2000 Annual Members Meeting it was proposed by the Users & Uses Committee that it would be beneficial to have a list of potential duties that could be assigned to an AMICO-focused intern, since museums often have volunteer or intern resources available to them. Below is a compiled task list from Member suggestions. Please consider these if such a resource to assist with AMICO is possible.

Rights & Reproductions
  • Permissions & image availability research.
  • Creating a listing locating and tracking down estates and artists.
  • Book photography required for works and identify works that need to be photographed.
  • Capture metadata.
  • Data entry and verification.
  • Pull transparencies for scanning.
Editorial Selection for AMICO Contribution
  • Identify ARS artists in collection and artists represented by other AMICO museums.
  • Tracking down metadata sources for rich records each year (new or updating existing files). Checking exhibition catalogues, published sources.
  • Review Antenna Audio files, directing them to appropriate AMICO internal-editorial authority.
  • Do research on AMICO library to determine the hidden strengths (i.e. photography holdings, artist sketchbooks) and highlight relationships to works in our collection and potential links to other collections.
  • Review specialized art history texts (not the general 101 texts) for Member works.
  • Put together a PowerPoint presentation on AMICO to introduce to the staff.
  • Run introductory demonstrations and info sessions for different departments (under the direction of the Principal Contact) to make staff aware of AMICO and The AMICO Library.
  • Help to regularly broadcast/advertise AMICO site within Institution.
  • Prepare materials on how to use The AMICO Library and how to download images into PP presentations.
  • Research and write artist biographies.
  • Provenance research, for the general collection and Nazi-Era works.
  • Coordinate sharing and use of Antenna Audio clips with other Members.
  • Manage communication among AMICO team, such as coordinating and overseeing the AMICO contribution from the various departments included in the AMICO team.
  • Take notes of AMICO meetings - send to team. Facilitate follow up.
  • Keep eye on AMICO site - apprise of updates.
  • Help Museum Educators look for images in The AMICO Library to aid in their programs.
  • Research works related to own collection for comparative study by docents to facilitate docent training.

How can our Museum publicize our AMICO Membership?

Please feel free to use this copy about AMICO and The AMICO Library in your publicity efforts to notify your museum patrons and staff about your participation in the Consortium and the availability and purpose of the Library.

Effective outlets for this information would be:

  • A public Press Release
  • Mention of AMICO Membership in your regular member publications
  • An introductory email or memo about AMICO Membership to staff


How much are AMICO Annual Dues? Get this info as a .PDF file

AMICO Membership dues are tiered based on the budget of the Member institution.

Membership Dues (In US Dollars, based on Annual Operating Budget)
< $5 million
$2,500 U.S.
> $5 to < $10 million
$3,500 U.S.
$10 million +
$5,000 U.S.

When does our Museum pay our Annual Dues?

Members are billed at the time of joining. Then, they are subsequently billed annually in June for the upcoming year. If a new Member joins at the beginning of the year their dues will not be prorated.

For example, a new Member that joins in January, 2002 and has a budget of less than $5 million will be charged $2,500 in January and billed $2,500 again in June for the next fiscal year of July 2002 through June 2003.

To whom is the Annual Dues invoice sent?

AMICO sends the Annual Dues invoice to either the Director or Principal Contact for each AMICO Member. If you would like to request that a contact in your Billing department be designated for your institution, email AMICO to have us make that change.


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