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How to Participate in AMICO

Getting Started Dues


What are the AMICO Committees? Get this info as a .PDF file

The bulk of AMICO operational duties are decided collectively in the four working committees: editorial, rights, technical and users & uses. All AMICO Members may designate staff from their museums to sit on these committees and it is recommended that at least one person monitors the activities of the four groups. Your designates may sit on two or more committees and certain committees have overlapping objectives such as editorial and technical, in which it make sense for designates to sit on both.

Read the committee descriptions

There are two governing committees for AMICO as well, the Board and the Executive committee. These will be discussed in the Governance section.

Who are the Member participants of each Committee?

List of Editorial Committee Members
List of Rights Committee Members
List of Technical Committee Members
List of Users and Uses Committee Members

How do I participate in them?

Responsibilities for committee members include reviewing materials created by AMICO staff and providing feedback, actively contributing to the discussion for the committee on its d-list, suggesting agenda items and setting future goals for the committee to accomplish, and attending the annual AMICO Members Meeting and representing your museum's interests in relation to the committee.

As a new Member joins their Principal Contact is asked to complete a Team Registration Form and here they choose committee assignments for Team Members.

If you are not on a committee and would like to be placed on one or more, please email AMICO. We will notify you and copy your museum's principal contact when you have been added.

Discussions Get this info as a .PDF file

Why do I keep getting general AMICO email messages? How can I post a message?

AMICO uses electronic mail discussion lists to make sure everyone stays informed. AMICO has one major mailing list, amico.announce, that all team members from a Member institution are subscribed to (unless they request to not be subscribed for some reason).

This list is used by AMICO personnel to update the entire Membership base on various information related to the Consortium's operations. The general announcements list is read only. Only AMICO employees may post to this list, so list chatter is kept to a minimum.

If you would like to submit something that you feel should be sent to entire AMICO Members List, please email AMICO with that proposed submission. We will review it and post it to the entire list if it seems to make sense.

Online Archive:

Why do I keep getting AMICO Committee email messages? How can I post a message?

When an AMICO team member is designated to be a committee participant, they are subscribed to the corresponding list. All list members may post to the committee lists. The committee lists reply to the entire list, so remember that if you want to have a private email conversation, take it off the list and just email that one person directly.

Editorial Address:
Online Archive:

Rights Address:
Online Archive:

Technical Operations Address:
Online Archive:

Users & Uses Address:
Online Archive:

How can I get added/taken off the general list?

Email AMICO if you wish to be removed from the amico.announce list. We will confirm that you should be removed with your institution's Principal Contact and notify you and copy him/her when this is completed.

How can I get added/taken off Committee lists?

Email AMICO if you wish to be removed from a particular committee list. If you are participating in a committee you must be on the list, so removal from the list ALSO means that you are no longer a member of that certain committee. We will confirm that you should be removed with your institution's Principal Contact and notify you and copy him/her when this is completed.

I'm going on vacation, should I get taken off the list?

If you are out of the office for a long period (for example, week and up vacations), please remember to email AMICO to take you off any AMICO lists for that period because often those "out of the office" autoresponders get the list replying in an awful infinite loop which terrorizes everyone's email-box.



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