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How to Participate in AMICO

Getting Started Dues


Who oversees AMICO?

AMICO is overseen by a Board and an Executive Committee of the Board. Just like AMICO's operational committees, these governing committees have d-lists to inform them of strategic activities of AMICO. These groups usually meet two times annually.

List of AMICO Board Members
List of AMICO Executive Committee Members

How are these Board Members and Officiers selected?

Board: Each Member institution's director is part of the board of AMICO or they may designate another staff member to sit on the board for them. Board Members vote on officers for the AMICO Board.

Executive Committee: Participants in this committee are elected every two years by the entire board. The four elected positions of the Board - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary - sit on the Executive Committee, as well as other representatives from Member Institutions, so that the Committee does not consist of less than five directors.


Who works for AMICO and what do they do?

Projects and Meetings

What else is AMICO working on?

Visit Projects to learn about other things AMICO is working on.

Where does AMICO plan to exhibit or present in the coming year?

Visit AMICO's upcoming Conference schedule to see where AMICO plans to be in the coming year.

Where can I read the latest press releases from AMICO?

Visit the AMICO public web site to find all AMICO press releases.

Web Sites

What are the different AMICO sites and how do I access them?

Members' Web Site Address: (this is where you are now)

The AMICO Members Web Site is a secure site. Access is restricted to AMICO Members only, by password. Please do not give your password to anyone outside your institution. Here, we maintain pages (and TO DO Lists) for each of the AMICO Working Committees, the Executive Committee and the Board, share draft documents, and conduct online discussions. This is where to find out more about "doing AMICO" and find an electronic version of this document. Also, the site has a link to the web-based AMICO Member Contribution Management System, a tool to easily view and manage your submissions to The AMICO Library database.

AMICO Public Web Site Address:

The AMICO Public Web site is our main presence on the World Wide Web. It contains general information about the Consortium, Frequently Asked Questions, Sample Records and the full AMICO Thumbnail Catalog. Background documents are also distributed here, including press releases, summaries of presentations, texts of published papers, and the full text of The AMICO Library Agreements, Data Specification and Distributor Specification. This is where to direct people who want to know "more about AMICO."


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