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Use The AMICO Library


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Content Summary
What's in The AMICO Library?
Which museums contribute images to The AMICO Library?
Do European museums contribute content to The AMICO Library?
When was The AMICO Library first made available?
Will The AMICO Library get larger?
Who produces The AMICO Library?

Access Directions
How do I connect to The AMICO Library?
I don't have my password, where can I request it?
Can my museum be IP-filtered, so we don't need to remember a password?
Are there technical requirements for using The AMICO Library?

Search Tips & Features
Using the RLG Eureka presentation of the Library:
What is simple search?
What is advanced search?
How can I print out images?
What are notebooks and how do I use them?
Why do I see "image coming soon" sometimes?
What does Export do?
What does History do?
What is the Options button for?

Library Demo
Is there a demo script to help me with using The AMICO Library or showing others how?

Examples of Use
How are colleges/universities using The AMICO Library?
How are K-12 schools using The AMICO Library?

How are museums using The AMICO Library?

Are there statistics provided about the use of The AMICO Library?

Images to Word & Powerpoint
How would I place an AMICO Library image into a Microsoft Word Document?
How would I place an AMICO Library image into a Microsoft Powerpoint Document?

Library Citations
How do you cite images from The AMICO Library?
How about images still under copyright?
Are there guidelines for citing multimedia or commentary relating to an image in The AMICO Library?

Library License Terms
What are allowable uses of The AMICO Library?
What are prohibited uses of The AMICO Library?

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