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AMICO MEMBERS NOTE: IMLS has approved IUPUI's request to pursue this project with other partners. They will be providing access to The Grove Dictionary of Art, and Corbis Images under their National Leadership Grant for Library/Museum Collaboration from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.. Further information is available from their web site at

J. Trant, November 22, 1999.

Welcome to the working web site for the IUPUI/AMICO collaborative project. We're exploring the use of The AMICO Library in K-12 education and Public Library life long learning. This site will help us all keep in touch, and stay informed as the project develops. Access is restricted, by password, to project participants.

The site is organized into sections:

    • Participants -- lists those involved in the project
    • Timeline -- outlines our schedule
    • Documents -- provides links to outlines, background information,and sites of interest
    • AMICO Library --has details about this collection of museum multimedia documentation
    • Discussion -- provides links to our email and online archives.
    • Educational Links -- provides links to useful educational curriculum development ideas and information.

Please feel free to send any questions, comments or suggestions on the site to Jennifer Trant, AMICO's Executive Director., or contact June Ward, the IMLS Project Director at IUPUI.

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