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Receiving AMICO Member Contributions
(Version 0.3  Dec. 2001)

Here's what we do when Members send contributions to The AMICO Library.


  • Contributions should be processed quickly and Members should receive a prompt report on the status of their submissions.
  • Contributions must be processed within three business days of receipt.
  • If contributions are not validated within three business days Members should receive a report of the problems AMICO is working to resolve and an estimate of the time that it will take (for example, to process large numbers of images).



  • Administration opens packages, and acknowledges media by email to Technical Contact, as recorded in AMICO Member database.
    • Copies of email are sent to Tech, Production, Ex. Dir
  • Office Manager routes media to Tech (AMICO To Validate Red Box).
  • Tech monitors box, reviews media daily
  • Tech numbers media received

    AMICO MemberID.ALY.[Sequential number]
    e.g. MMA_.2000.00

  • Tech separates text, image and multimedia files and routes each for validation.


  • Recipient acknowledges receipt, copying rest of team
  • Recipient routes files for validation


Text files

  • Production monitors activity by each Member
  • If Members submit, but do not validate files

Image Files

  • Production monitors activity by each Member
  • Production notifies Tech if Image files are waiting to be validated
  • Tech Validates Files

Multimedia files

  • Production monitors activity by each Member
  • Production notifies Tech if Multimedia files are waiting to be validated
  • Tech validates Files


Text files

Image Files

  • Production monitors activity by Members
  • Production notifies Tech if Image files to validate
  • Tech validates files

Multimedia files

  • Production monitors activity by each member
  • Production notifies Tech if Image files to validate
  • Tech validates files

TEXT FILE VALIDATION (catalog or metadata records)

  • Production reviews file (using View Files in the CMS)
    • verifies file format
      • correct delimeters, record endings, character sets
      • correct file name


        where **** is member abbreviation and filename is unique from other files submitted


      If file format needs work:

      • Production downloads the file and makes systematic corrections as necessary
        • Production stores a copy of the original file on NT File server  


          Where YYYY is the Library Year and **** is the member abbreviation.

          <future note: we might want a place to save unvalidated -- and unprocessable files on rather than moving these off to the NT server.>
        • Production massages the file as necessary
        • Production puts revised copy of file on in member's
          /incoming directory 
        • keep file name same as original
        • add initials (and sequence number if necessaryfollowing initial filename)
    • If file format OK, Production validates file

      • chooses online (if small file) or off-line (if large number of records)
    • Production reviews validation reports
      • compares count of records in pre-validation report with count in validation summary
      • spot-checks records to ensure correct fielding of data, loading of values.
      • summarizes problems reported
      • examines submitted file for systematic errors
    • Production follows up with Member regarding required corrections
      • reports any systematic changes made to submitted file
      • requests necessary corrections or additional data. (c.c. Ex. Dir)
    • Production co-ordinates members corrections to their data
      • Production may make minor corrections and inform Member


    • Tech validates Images
      • Verifies Media Number assigned on receipt (no duplicates or missed numbers in sequence!)
      • Assigns Media Number to FTP session (MEMB.YEAR.ftp.###)
      • runs script (Original number/name of media given by member - e.g. "Greek and Roman" -- included as "Comment" when executing this script)
      • This script:
        • Generates thumbnails
        • Create entry in Media Database
        • Creates entries in File Database
        • Makes Media Log Entry.
          <future note: enhance to check for minimum file dimensions>
    • Tech emails Production when Images validated, including media name in message.(c.c. Ex. Dir)
    • Production reviews report for image orientation, broken thumbnails, etc.
      • reviews problems with Tech,
      • notifies member if new files required
    • Production monitors process,
      • liaises with Member if replacement images or corrections are needed

    Image Metadata

    • Tech checks with Production to see if metadata files are expected from Member or if metadata needs to be generated
      • If metadata generation is required, Production supplies Tech standard default values (for XPU, XRS, Member abbreviation) after consultation with Member.
        • Tech runs mkmeta*.pl script to generate metadata.
        • Tech validates generated metadata file.
      • Production spot-checks generated/submitted metadata records to ensure images of expected resolution, color space, etc.


    MULTIMEDIA FILE VALIDATION (note separate procedure for Antenna Audio)

    • Tech sees if files can be played/opened
      • verifies appropriate file extension and file name:

        where **** is member abbreviation and .ttt is 3-character MIME type extension
    • Tech places copy of multimedia file on NT server in AMICO.library/multimedia/****

      where **** is Member's abbreviation

      <future note: these should be accessible on somewhere>
    • Tech generates agreed upon "Thumbnail"
    • Tech notifies Production that file validated
    • Production verifies presence of metadata record for file (part of regular text record updates)
    • Tech manually ensures that file is queued to be written onto tape to be sent to distributors.

      For Antenna Audio

    • Tech converts CD Audio to MP3
    • Tech generates metadata files
    • Tech notifies Member of Audio to Review
    • Member reviews audio and links to catalog records
    • Tech ensures files queued for distribution


    Text Records (Catalog and Media Metadata)

    • Tech generates weekly updates (Thursdays) to be sent to distributors. These include all records changed since the previous update, that have a valid data dictionary version.
    • Tech generates weekly updates (Thursdays) to the AMICO Public Web Catalog (APW). These include all records (catalog and metadata) changed since the previous update, that have a valid data dictionary version.

    Image and Multimedia Files

    • Production ensures that all catalog records, images, metadata records are linked
    • Production notifies Tech that links are OK
    • Tech runs script to write database values to TIFF  headers and generate tape to be sent to distributors.
      • Tech reviews output, to verify images are linked to records.
      • Tech moves 'unlinked' images into temporary holding directory: ****.unlinked until problems resolved.
      • Tech notifies Production of unlinked images.
      • Production follows up with Member; notifies Tech when corrections  are made.
    • Tech writes copy of images to Member's DLT tape

      <future note: images should be accessible on-line through>

    • Tech generates regular updates to be sent to distributors (quarterly)
    • Tech updates AMICO Public Web Catalog weekly (synchronizing Thumbnail Directories with CMS)



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