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AMICO Withdrawal of a Member
(Version .1; August 2000)

Acknowledge Receipt of Withdrawal

  • Executive Director acknowledges receipt of withdrawal and queries rationale in email to Primary Contact
    • see example with MCAC
  • Executive Director sends letter to Director
    • Sample Member Withdrawal Acknowledgement Letter
    • copies of letter go to Primary contact and Chairman of AMICO's Board
  • Executive Director notifies Executive Committee
    • see example with MCAC
Remove Members from AMICO Lists
  • Communications removes individuals from this institution from email discussion lists
  • Communications removes members representatives from committee pages on Members Web site
  • Communications removes member's name from web site, and all public materials (to be produced in the future)

Notify Distributors That Member No Longer Needs Access

  • Communications notifies distributor that member no longer eligible for access to The AMICO Library and requests that their account s/IP addresses be turned off.

If Member Contributed to The AMICO Library

Records To Be Withdrawn from AMICO Library at End of Library Year

  • Following end of AMICO Library year of withdrawal, works are removed from distributed version of AMICO Library
  • Tech notes that AMICO Member's works need to be deleted prior to distribution of next AMICO Library Year (works will be distributed with DEL Y flag to all distributors)
  • DEL = Y flag will also cause works to be removed from Thumbnail catalog at end of AMICO Library Year.
Notify Subscribers That Works Have Been Withdrawn from Library
  • With launch of next Library Year, Communications notifies Subscribers that member is no longer participating, and asks Subscribers to remove works from that member from their local systems.

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