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Adding a New AMICO Member
(Version .3; September 2001)

When a new AMICO Member joins (returns their Membership Agreement and Museum License Agreement), AMICO Staff do the tasks listed below. Use the New Member Checklist to affirm that all tasks have been successfully completed.

Executive Committee Approval of Member

  • Executive Director notifies the AMICO Executive Committee of the new Member prospect.
  • AMICO's Executive Committee accepts or rejects the application.
  • Executive Director then notifies the Member prospect and AMICO's Board of the Executive Committee's decision.

File Contracts

  • Office Manager receives and creates files for AMICO Membership Agreement and AMICO Library Museum Agreement.
    • verify with Communications, Executive Director that working files are not in existence
    • Record New Member Information
  • Executive Director countersigns all agreements.
  • Communications sets up institution record in the AMICO Contact database and logs the date that Agreements were received.

Send New Member Welcome Package

  • Communications creates and sends the 'Welcome to AMICO membership package'.
    Contents Include:
    • Welcome letter - signed by Ex. Dir
    • Membership Agreement - signed by Ex. Dir
    • AMICO Library Museum Agreeemnt - signed by Ex. Dir
    • Project Team Form
    • How To AMICO outline
    • Data Mapping Worksheet

The cover letter references a follow-up call regarding making contributions to The AMICO Library. Prior to that call, we need to make sure everything is set up for the member to use the AMICO Contribution Management system.

  • Communications requests Project Team information.
  • Communications identifies existing AMICO member to be Mentor amd arranges relationship. Follows up as necessary.
  • When Project Team form is returned, Communicatons creates records in the AMICO Contact database for all project team members, recording committee membership and roles as assigned.

Send Invoice

  • Communications informs Financial of amount of invoice and contact person.
  • Financial generates invoice and sends to new member/files (2 copies to principal contact, one copy to file).

AMICO Web Site and Discussion List Updates

  • Communications adds new member participants to appropriate AMICO disussion lists using Esquire administration tools at:
  • Communications updates AMICO Members Web site with Project Team List and new Committee Representatives.

AMICO Contribution Management System (CMS) Set Up

Assign Prefix

  • Communications assigns a unique 4 letter prefix for the member, and lets them know what it is. (ideally it's something they are using already)

Create Users and Member

  • Communications creates a primary contact (and any other online editors) in the CMS, Administration/create user.
  • Communications creates a Member in the CMS Administration/create member and  picks the Primary contact from the list of users.
  • Communications confirms the accounts, passwords, and logins with the primary contact and each authorized online editor/user. (Copy individual users to the primary contact. Copy all correspondence with members to Ex. Dir and Production.)

Create Working Directories for CMS and AMICO Public Web (APW)

  • Tech creates the following new directories on needed by the CMS to process submissions to The AMICO Library, where **** is the member prefix and all directories are owned by user = amicola







  • Tech updates the following file, so that the APW thumbnail catalog can expand member abbreviations into full names:

            This has structured syntax that should be mimiced in any new lines

  • Tech adds appropriate row in member table of APW application on MONET.

Notify Members and the Public

  • Communications creates a press release about the new member joining which is released to AMICO's announcements dlist, the Subscribers dlist, sent to AMICO's press list, and information about the new member is included in the next AMICO quarterly newsletter.

Notify Distributors

  • Communications coordinates access to The AMICO Library via all distributors.
    • For Michigan notify John Weise
    • For OhioLINK notify Charly Bauer
    • For RLG: mail to Ricky Erway <> with name and address of primary contact, member abbreviation.
    • For SCRAN notify
    • For H.W. Wilson notify
    • For VTLS notify

Coordinate Test Data Submission

  • Production follows up Welcome Letter with a Data Sumbission Review Call.
    To review:
    • data specification for text and images (sent with info package)
    • library mapping worksheet (sent with welcome package)
    • contribution management system (login and functionality)
      • one record walk-through of online editor
    • contribution schedules and deadline
    • sets deadlines for test data to be delivered to AMICO
    • coordinates and debugs test data submissions
    • follows up on problems and monitors submissions and deadline

Ongoing Content Submissions

  • Production forwards new member requests from art history canon.
    • reports from ART101 database of works for submission
  • Production forwards list of Antenna Audio Files
    • liaises with member regarding review of files
    • monitors progress

Ongoing Liaison

  • Communications identifies possible schedule for AMICO briefing visit/meeting or meeting with mentor (coordinated with other travel).
  • Communications identifies participants for upcoming meetings, invites/ensures new member participations.
  • Communications identifies participants in upcoming conferences, invites new members to AMICO Events.

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