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New Member Checklist

Today's Date:
Member Name:
Annual Op Budget:
Member ID:
Member Principal Contact:

Executive Director Items

  Countersigned ______
Approval: Executive Committee
  Accepts New Member Rejects New Member
  To new Member ______
  To AMICO Board ______

Administrative Action Items

Folders created:  
  AMICO Membership Agreement ______
  AMICO Library Museum License ______
Folders filed: Yes No
Invoice: Created and Sent ______ Paid ______

Communications Action Items

Contact Database Set Up
Email Distribution Lists
Set up in Contact Database
PC & Director _______
Team Designates _______

Set up in Esquire
- amico.anno ______
- Comms ______
- amico.anno ______
- Board ______
- amico.anno ______
- Comms ______

Web Pages
Press Release
Public Site
- Add Institution to Members list _______
Members Site
- Add PC, Dir, team to Members list ____
- Add Dir to Board Page ______
- Add all designees to Comm Pgs ______

Press Release written by AMICO
- Approved internally ______
- Approved by Member ______
- Released to amico.anno ______
- Released to press list ______
- Provided to Member for their use _______
- Placed on public site as html and pdf _______
- Info about NM included in next AMICO Newsletter _______

Communications Package
AMICO Welcome Package sent _______
AMICO Team Form returned _______
Possible Mentor identified _______
Mentor contacted by AMICO ________ (date)
Mentor contacted NM _______
Meeting held _________ (date)
AMICO Library Set Up
CMS Setup

All Distributors emailed NM info _______
All Distributors faxed copy of NM signed AMICO Library license _______
Library Set Up information received from all Distributors _______
Set Up information passed on to NM _______

Setup Primary Contact for CMS ______
Setup other Team Members for CMS _____
Provide log-on ids/passwords to PC ______

Technical Action Items

Update Files

Setup NM directories on for

/home/amico/incoming/**** _______
/home/amico/incoming/****/images _______
/home/amico/incoming/****/outgoing _______
/home/amico/work-space/saved/****_______ /home/httpd/html/amico/thumbnails/**** ______ /home/httpd/html/amico/thumgnails/****/deleted ______

(**** represents the NM ID)

Setup file below so APW thumbnail catalog can expand member abbreviations into full names:
/cmd/fill_member.sql _______
(This has structured syntax that should be mimicked in any new lines.)

Add appropriate row in member table of APW application on MONET _______

Editorial Action Items

Data Submission Review
Submission Guides
Call to PC or main contact for Library submissions and review the following:
-data specification for text and images (sent with info package) _______
-library mapping worksheet (sent with welcome package) _______
-contribution management system (login and functionality) _______
-do a one record walk-through of online editor _______
-review contribution schedules and deadline _______
-set NM deadlines for test data to be delivered to AMICO ________
Date of review call _________
Follow-up calls _________ _________
Provide AH101 dbase list _______
Provide Antenna Audio list _______
NM Test Data
Coordinate submission ________
Debug submission ________
Provide feedback on submission to NM________


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