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New Subscriber Checklist

Today's Date:

Subscriber Name:
Institution Type:
Subscriber Principal Contact:

Executive Director Items

  Countersigned ______

Administrative Action Items

Folders created:  
  AMICO Library License Agreement ______
Folders filed: Yes No
Invoice: Created and Sent ______ Paid ______

Communications Action Items

Contact Database Set Up
Email Distribution Lists

Set up in Contact Database
-Institution _______
(Note the URL for the institution's Electronic Resources Use Policy if long license)
-PC _______
-Signatory _______
-Faculty Members _______

Set up in Esquire
- University D-List ______
- K12 D-List _______
- Public Library D-List ______
- Museums D-List ______
Faculty Members
- University D-List ______
- K12 D-List _______
- Public Library D-List ______
- Museums D-List ______

Public Communications
Communications to Subscriber

Public Web Site
- Add Institution to Subscribers list _______
Quarterly Newsletter
- Info about NS included in next AMICO Newsletter _______

AMICO Subscriber Welcome Package sent _______
Mailing of AMICO Library brochure to subscriber faculty
Introduction to List Email to all at Subscriber _______

Communications Package
Distributor Confirmation of Account Creation _______
Distributor Confirmation of License Term _______
Distributor Confirmation of Institutional Enrollment _______


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