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Adding a New AMICO Library Subscriber
(Version .2; February 2001)

When AMICO receives notification from a distributor of a new AMICO Library subscriber and has received an AMICO Library License Agreement), AMICO Staff do the tasks listed below.

Use the New Subscriber Checklist to verify that all tasks have been successfully completed.

File Contracts

  • Office Manager receives and creates files for AMICO Library License Agreement (noting type of license signed)
    • Verify with Communications, Ex. Dir. that working files are not in existence
    • Record New Subscriber Information
  • Communications confirms with distributor that they know of this new subscriber, if notification did not come from them.
  • After all tasks are done, place subscriber folder alphabetically in Executive Director's office with other agreements.

Database Set Up

  • Communications creates a record for the subscribing institution in AMICO Contact Database.
    • If applicable to license type, note the URL for the institution's Electronic Resources Use Policy.
      <future note: Set up an on-going procedure to review and revise these links.>
    • Note the license type and date (should be the subscriber's actual signing date)
    • Note the enrollment, license fee, and AMICO Library term for subscriber
    • Note link to AMICO Library from subscriber's web site
  • Communications creates a record for the Subscriber Contact, principal point of contact for the Subscriber, in AMICO Contact Database for the institution.
    • Tag contact as part of University D-list under committee
    • Tag contact as Subscriber Contact under role
    • Tag contact as Subscriber Signatory, if true. If not true, create a record for this person and tag them as this
  • Communications searches subscriber web site for appropriate faculty to be notified of AMICO Library subscription.
    • Create Contact Database records for all selected faculty at the institution
    • Must find complete mailing addresses and emails for all these people
    • Tag contacts as part of University D-list under committee
    • Tag contacts as Subscriber Project Team under role
  • Communications adds Subscriber Contact and faculty to University D-list via Esquire.

Send New Subscriber Welcome Package

  • Communications generates and mails out AMICO Library Subscriber Welcome letter and package (based on license type) to Subscriber Contact
    Contents Include:
    • Welcome letter
    • Countersigned copy of The AMICO Library License Agreement
    • AMICO Information Packet
    • How To AMICO Educators Guide

Send Invoice

  • Communications informs Financial of amount of invoice and delivering distributor.
  • Financial generates invoice and sends to distributor (see separate Distributor Payments Process).

AMICO Web Site and Discussion List Updates

  • Communications adds the subscribing institution to the appropriate section of the AMICO public site's Subscribers list page (
    • Use the link to The AMICO Library from the institution's web site as the hyperlink (target=blank).
  • Communications emails "Welcome to the List" note to Subscriber Contact and faculty at subscribing institution.

Subscription Notification

  • Communications mails AMICO Library brochure with "You've got access" insert to subscriber faculty.
  • Communications will include new subscribers as part of AMICO quarterly newsletter, with enrollment figures and geographic distribution.

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