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Termination of an AMICO Subscription
(Version .3; September 2001)

Upon receipt of a notice from an AMICO Distributor that an AMICO Subscriber is going to terminate their AMICO Library Agreement, AMICO Staff performs the following tasks:

AMICO Gets Confirmation of Local Destruction of Materials

  • Executive Director sends letter to signatory of AMICO Library Agreement, reminding them of their obligation to destroy AMICO material.
  • Text of letter varies, depending on the Agreement signed.

    See:  /amico.files/Subscribers/termination/TermShortU.Agreement.doc


  • Monitor response, due in 60 days. Log Letter in AMICO Database
  • Ex Dir. logs letter in AMICO Database,
  • Ex. Dir. changes Institution Type to "Past * Subscriber"
  • Ex. Dir emails letter to Communications, files AMICO Copy.

 Notify Subscribers

  • Communications notifies Subscibers at terminating institution that they will not longer have access to The AMICO Library, and will be removed from AMICO's discussion lists
  • Communications deletes Project Team Members from AMICO Contact Database
  • Communications updates subscriber discussion list removing members from this institution.

Remove Institution from Lists of Subscribers

  • Communications updates lists of subscribers, removing terminating institution

Change Status in AMICO Contact Database

  • Communications changes Subscriber institution's status to Past Subscriber.

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