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Agenda for the 2000 AMICO Members Meeting
June 8-10, 2000 in San Francisco


Download these handouts (they are cited below where they will be discussed).

Complete, detailed Meeting Agenda as a .PDF file
All background materials as a .PDF file
AMICO Year's Activities and Intro Presentation as a .PDF file
AMICO Proposal to AAMD regarding problematic provenance and use of The AMICO Library as a .PDF file
Peter Walsh's Review of AMICO Library Content Report as a .PDF file
Peter Walsh's AMICO Library Content Presentation as a .PDF file
Pierre Landry's Object Type Discussion as a .PDF file
Summary of the ARLIS/NA User Group Meeting as a .PDF file
Link to CAA Review of The AMICO Library

Mark these DATES and TIMES

Thursday, June 8 2:00-5:00 pm
Friday, June 9 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday, June 10 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Thursday, June 8  
1:30 pm Registration in Atrium Lobby
2-5 pm
Full Group Meeting
in Wattis Theater
  • Welcome from SFMOMA
  • Introductions
  • Report on progress to date
  • Highlights of activities
  • Member demonstrations of great works
  • Development of Agendas for Working Committees (Rights, Technical, Editorial and Users)

Background materials as a .pdf file

AMICO Proposal to AAMD regarding problematic provenance and use of The AMICO Library as a .pdf file

5:15 pm Cocktail Reception, SFMOMA educational multimedia presentation, and tour the galleries (the Museum is open late!) in Schwab Room
Friday, June 9  
9 am - 12:30 pm Full Group Meeting in Wattis Theater
  • Analysis of AMICO Library Content (Peter Walsh's Review of AMICO Library Content as a .pdf file)
  • Discussion of issues in Collections Development and User Expectations
  • Mechanisms for user input and strategies for AMICO's response
12:30 - 1:30 pm LUNCH in Schwab Room
1:30 - 5 pm Working Committee Meetings in Koret West, Schwab, Lower Level & Graphic Study Rooms
Draft Committee Agendas  

Editorial Committee

  1. Review Artists Authority plans and proposals
  2. Finalize the Object Type List (what have you got that doesn't fit the categories and that shouldn't be in "other")
  3. Refine the defition of Classification Term (CLT)
  4. Finalize date indexing rules (based on experience with 1999 data)
  5. Review rich multimedia records; suggest how these might be highlighted and used
  6. Discuss cataloging problems and develop examples of good practice (suggest some!)
  Rights Committee  
  1. Develop model letter requesting artists' permission to use works in AMICO Library -- please send in your letter if you haven't already!
  2. Develop model request form for scholarly reproduction use (as per input from users)
  3. Review implementation of ARS Agreement -- see
  4. Using AMICO Library works in Museum Educational Programming (review of the terms of the Museum Agreement, and possible facilitation of requests)
  Technical Committee  
  1. Presentations by various Collections Management software vendors of the AMICO export function (jointly with the editorial committee)
  2. AMICO contribution workflow -- who does what and how should it be organized
  3. Contribution Management System -- are the tools working? What else would be useful?
  4. Authority Files -- development and implementation of Artists Authority
  5. Return of Data to members -- what is desirable (thumbnails, authority info??)
  6. Data Format and Specification review -- are there any changes to propose?
  7. AMICO and CIMI (membership activities?)
  Users and Uses Committee  
  1. Action to follow up on Survey of AMICO Library Content
  2. Report on Focus Group Discussion held at the ARLIS meeting in Pittsburgh in March
  3. Discuss mechanisms to enable user input into The AMICO Library and its development
  4. Consider strategies for working with K-12 educators
  5. Address Museum Use of The AMICO Library
  6. Review subscriber use (who, and how much -- see the statistics at
  7. Discuss ways to recognise exemplary users of The AMICO Library (teaching award for CAA, VRA award?)
  8. Provide feedback on various distributors systems --what's working and what isn't?
  9. Review AMICOs communications activities and plans (press releases, presentation templates, FAQs, brochures)
4:15 pm Full Group Meeting in Schwab Room
  • Opportunity to discuss Committee Progress Report items that might need review in other committees
5:00 pm Close (Dinner on your own)  
Saturday, June 10  
9 am-12:30 pm Continuing Committee Meetings in Schwab, Graphic Study, 3rd & 4th Floor Conference Rooms
12:30 - 1:30 pm LUNCH in Schwab Room
1:30 - 4:30 pm Full Group Meeting in Schwab Room
  • Committee Chairs report to the Group
  • Future Plans for 2000/2001
  • Schedule for upcoming deliverables
5:00 pm Summary and Close  
5:30 pm Bus departs SFMOMA for FAMSF  
6:00 pm Reception hosted by Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor  
  • Welcome from FAMSF's Director, Harry S. Parker III
  • Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
  • Tour Wayne Thiebaud Retrospective exhibit
8:00 pm

Bus leaves to drop-off back downtown


Parking Info

For those driving to San Francisco the parking lot suggested by SFMOMA is on Mission between 4th and 5th. This costs $15/day as opposed to the Moscone Center lot which is $30 per day.

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