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AMICO undertakes projects from time to time that extend our knowledge of the construction, enhancement, delivery and use of The AMICO Library.

We now have the following activities underway, each of which has its own web site for participants.

Schools Testbed Project -- January 2001 to June 2002

In order to investigate how The AMICO Library may be fully accessed and used at the K-12 academic level AMICO has set up a K-12 Testbed Project. For three academic semesters AMICO plans to make The AMICO Library available to a small group of 11 K-12 teachers across the United States.

Teachers will receive The AMICO Library free from November 2000 (for planning and personal review of the Library), and will begin to use the Library with their classes in the following semester and then through following academic year of 2001/2002, in return for providing ways that they incorporated The AMICO Library into teaching units of their various subjects; and then relaying to AMICO staff the success or failure of The AMICO Library and the resources provided around it to enhance learning, understanding, and interest amongst students compared to existing teaching supplements.

Project Participants'
Working Site
Information about the Project on the Public Web Site

University Model Assignments

In order to develop an awareness of possible uses (that may require a minor change in teaching processes) and stimulate active integration of AMICO Library use into normal class practices AMICO has contracted with Peter Walsh to prepare a series of model assignments that draw on The AMICO Library and could be used by Professors and Teaching Assistants at subscribing AMICO Colleges and Universities. These are based on a review of the courses offered at those schools, and developed with an eye to identifying works from the collections of AMICO Members that would strengthen The AMICO Library if they were contributed. Assignments will be designed to be presented and distributed by AMICO on the AMICO Public Web site, where they will be mounted by AMICO Staff.

View the Model Assignments

We also use this area as a gateway to completed projects, if you wish to review past results.

University Testbed Project -- Academic Year 1998 to 1999

AMICO collaborated with campuses in Canada, Europe and United States to build our knowledge of the users and Uses of The AMICO Library in higher education.

Project Participants'
Information about the Project on the Public Web Site

K-12 and Public Library Project -- October1998 to August 1999

AMICO Members Note: IUPUI has decided to pursue this project with other partners. With the permission of the IMLS they will be using Corbis Images and the Grove Dictionary of Art to provide online content in their National Leadership Grant for Museum Library Collaboration.

In partnership with the Herron School of Art at Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, AMICO received a grant from the Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS) to study the use of The AMICO Library in schools and public libraries.

Project Participants' FORMER Site

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