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How To
This area of the site will provide you with background information on being a Member, contributing to The AMICO Library, using The AMICO Library, and finding your way around the Members Web Site.

  • Participate: Questions and answers that explain how Members participate in the Consortium.
  • Contribute: Questions and answers that explain how Members make their annual data contributions to The AMICO Library
  • Use The AMICO Library: Questions and answers that explain how to connect and search The AMICO Library.
  • Navigate this Site: Links to the Members Sitemap and searches for the Member Site, Public Site, and Thumbnail Catalog

This area of the site will provide you with help in setting up your annual Library contribution, examples of what contributed works to the Library look like, links to the Library via different outlets, and Subscriber and Member statistics on use of The AMICO Library.

  • Contributions: Connect to guidelines for setting up your annual AMICO contributions and link to the Contribution Management System for reviewing and refining your contributions.
  • Sample Records: See examples of contributed works to The AMICO Library, so you can understand how data submissions translate into actual Libray entries.
  • Access: Link to The AMICO Library via our different Distributors and the Thumbnail Catalog on AMICO's public web site.
  • Usage Statistics: Review collected monthly Subscriber and Member use of The AMICO Library via RLG, consult aggregate charts of annual use, and use the link to RLG stats to view your own institution's usage.

Each committee page provides the home base for that committee's activities. Committee members will find their current TO DO list, reference documents, committee membership list, topic-specific guidelines, and completed tasks and accomplishments.

Read past messages for each committee list and the general announcements list, so you can catch up with the previous discussion topics or use the links to post information to a committee of which you are a part.

The governing committee pages provide meeting information and background documents that require attention from these committees.

This page lists the current Board Officers of AMICO with contact information. Also, you'll find a staff listing with job responsibilities and contact details.

This is the running fiscal year schedule (July to June) of AMICO activities and due dates that all Member Project Teams should be aware of. Also, there are links to schedules from previous years.

AMICO undertakes different projects to investigate the potential use of The AMICO Library among different market segments and how AMICO integrates into the larger digital library landscape.

  • Current: Check in on the latest projects that AMICO is involved with.
  • Past: Learn about the outcomes of completed AMICO projects.

This is place to examine AMICO's most current documents relating to the organization's background, presentations and articles, and meetings and get the most up-to-date AMICO Library license agreements and data specifications. This are also links to draft documents.

  • About AMICO: Get background info on the Consortium, AMICO and AMICO Library web links, current data specifications, and submitted grant proposals by AMICO.
  • Agreements: Here is where you can find the most current AMICO license agreements.
  • Articles: Review articles about AMICO and The AMICO Library and papers and presentations made by AMICO at various conferences.
  • Meetings & Reports: Connect to current and past AMICO Meeting agendas, summaries, and reports.

Get an overview of what Members do to create AMICO Project Teams, link to the AMICO activity schedule and How to AMICO guidelines, and information for talking up AMICO Membership to colleagues at other museums.

  • How to Participate: Connect to Questions and Answers about How to Participate in AMICO.
  • Project Teams: See the lists of individual project teams at each Member institution and use email links to contact them.

Here you can see the AMICO Members Sitemap and link to search engines on the Members and Public sites and the Thumbnail Catalog.

Contact Us
Email a question or concern or request to AMICO's Management Team.

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