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1998 - 1999 Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30)



Organizational Tasks

Technical Tasks

July 1


- RLG Preview Facility Available to Testbed Participants

July 15

- NSF DL2 Application Due



- New Member Applications reviewed

- AMICO Web Catalog, including thumbnails, available publically on AMN

August 25


- RLG Full Access available to AMICO Members and Testbed Participants

Sept 1


- Ten Sample records due from each new member




 User Studies and other University Testbed research begins



- Possible members Meeting prior to MCN in Los Angeles


AMICO members to work with member museums on strategies for approaching artists who have previously given rights to AMICO members/AMICO or who are likely to be approached on behalf of more than one museum. This strategy to be worked out with the Executive Committee.


At MCN Meeting

AMICO to contact Collections Management system vendors with AMICO Data Specification, and request AMICO output format.



AMICO members to contact their collections management system vendor with a written request to implement an AMICO output report.




AMICO to release all the data editing, occurrence listing, data parsing and validating tools developed to help AMICO's contribute and clean up their data, along with documentation.



AMICO to follow up on MCN vendor discussions with written request to collections management system vendors to implement an AMICO output report


By Oct 16

AMICO members to comment on Process Evaluation Form draft. Share any documentation of AMICO work-flow at your institution.

By Oct 16

AMICO to provide list of all contemporary artists represented in AMICO Testbed Library, in format that makes it easy for each member to review their subset and indicate the extent of the grant of rights (any museum use, only AMICO, limited duration, any work/limited works/one work only, etc.)

By Oct 21

AMICO to issue new Process Evaluation Form.

By Oct 31



Members to check occurrence lists for each field for their 1998 data and correct inconsistencies and mistakes.

By Oct 31


Members to name representative to the Editorial Committee


By Oct 31



Members to examine parsed data to report any parsing routine errors that are systematic in their data.

By Oct 31


Members to complete list of artists/rights for 1998. Add list of artists for whom the museum expects request rights for its 1999 contribution.


By Nov 15


Members to provide AMICO with a list of works to be included in their 1999 contribution, categorized by century and country/continent of origin.


By Nov 30

Members to create at least two new very rich records about works of art. These records should exemplify what each institution believes might ultimately be present in a "full" documentation package from that member. It could be "full" by virtue of having a large amount of interpretive text, containing additional educational materials, or including a range of additional multi-media files. The purpose of this is to create a small database of materials of these sorts with which potential distributors can test a wide range of functionalities. These works will be included in the 1999 library (and can be counted towards that contribution).

Nov 30

Ongoing Weekly Record updating available.

By Dec 15

Members to complete Process Evaluations. Return it to AMICO for analysis. Please complete and return your process evaluation form, distributed by email to project coordinators. This is important, as it will help us improve the process for 1999 Library Contributions.

By Dec 31

New Members make 1999/2000 contributions to Library.




Organizational Tasks

Technical Tasks

OVERDUE Members contribute two Rich Records to The AMICO Library


- Public availability of Library in Fall of 1999 Announced


College Art Association/VRA Meeting, Los Angeles

Users and Uses Committee Focus Group meeting with University Testbed Participants  

By February 28

AMICO Founding Members make 1999/2000 contribution to Library

March 11

Electronic Information Policy Workshop at Museums and the Web in New Orleans; free to AMICO Members.

March/ April

VRA/ARLIS meetings


Data Enhancement of 1999 Library begins at AMICO


- Possible AMICO/University Testbed Research Conference 


April 25

Users and Uses Committee Meeting
Cleveland, OH

April 30

- 1999 Library delivered to RLG


License agreements and invoices sent (Testbed participants receive 25% discount on AMICO License fee)



- License Agreements and invoices for 1999 due
- Testbed formally concludes

- Preview of 1999 Library available onthe Public Thumbnail Catalog at

Ongoing enhancement of the 1999 Library at AMICO

June 3-4, 5

Testbed Wrap-up meeting and Annual AMICO Meeting. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh


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